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Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences has made rapid strides within a short span of time and has made a mark as one of India's most research intensive universities in the field of Science & Technology. The University has adopted a research driven model which seeks to blend expertise in life sciences and engineering with the principles and practices of business management. The research philosophy of the Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences is focused on harnessing Himalayan biodiversity, its conservation and sustainable management by employing the cutting edge technologies in basic sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences, engineering and management.


The University has been able to build a work culture which focuses on excellence in research and more than 180 Ph.D. students are registered currently. Shoolini have published over 600 papers with h-index (14) of the university being the second for any private or public university of similar age in the region. In a short span of five years we have established specialized research labs and has attracted over Rs. 15 Crores in terms of research funding from various national funding agencies.

Shoolini has filed 15 patents in translational research of international importance such as Controlled drug delivery, Water Treatment and Disease diagnostics. One of them that deal with developing Nano-Peptide based Vaccine for Malaria and rapid diagnosis of Malaria has a commercial potential of over Rs 500 Crores.


In order to give holistic development of the students, Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences has adopted Choice based Credit System (CBCS), thereby becoming the only university to adopt this system in its curriculum. The courses of each degree program comprises of Core, Elective and Foundation Courses. Core Courses are compulsory to study by each and every student as per their degree requirements. An elective course is one which a student can choose from a pool of papers. The choice based credit system not only offers opportunities and avenues to learn core subjects but also exploring additional avenues of learning beyond the core subjects for holistic development of an individual.

The university is progressing on its defined goals of excellence in science in a focused research driven model to contribute to growth and progress of the society and country.