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2nd National Conference on Human Health and Nutrition receives great response from industry

The School of Bioengineering and Food Technology, Shoolini University organized its 2ND national conference on food processing and technology last week. Dr. Swarup Kumar Chakrabarti, director of Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla was invited as Chief Guest on the inaugural day. Other industry experts were also invited to exchange their views on‘New Horizons in Human Health and Nutrition’. The aim of the conference was to address the challenges that future scientists will face in the field of food and nutrition.

Experts attending the conference talked about potential risks and solutions for the food industry, importance of promoting health and nutritious food, and the need to integrate alternative food sources to staple diet. Dr. Chakrabarti expressed his disappointment towards the recently released nutritional figures for the country. According to him, it is need of the hour to find diverse sources of food-grains to meet the demand of growing population.

“India’s population growth in the coming decades will put additional burden on our agricultural sector for producing more food-grains in the same available area. This will require our scientists to develop better technologies and better foodstuff,” said Dr. Chakrabarti, encouraging young scientists to take on the responsibility of improving diet of the rural folk and to encourage them towards balanced diet.

Dairy Science College (Ludhiana) dean Dr AK Punia was the Guest of Honor on the occasion. He said that the food sector would completely revolutionize in the coming years. Dr. Punia was joined by Shoolini University vice chancellor Prof. PK Khosla and more than 220 delegates.Some other key guests attending the event included PGIMER Chandigarh dietician Dr. Nancy Sahni, National Dairy Research Institute’s Dr. PN Raju; Department of Food Science and Technology,UHF, Nauni, professor Dr. Devina Vaidya; Department of Biotechnology, HPU Shimla professor Dr. Duni Chand; Agilent Technologies business development manager- food Sanjeev Khandelwal; Professor and Head, Dept. of Food Science, Nutrition & Technology, Dr. YS Dhaliwal; and School of Bioengineering and Food Technology, associate Professor, Dr. Adesh Saini.

Shoolini University also released a manual on ‘Development of Value Added products from Wild Himalayan Fig’ sponsored by SARTHI Scheme of DST and the university at the event.During the conference, Dr. PK Khosla acknowledged entrepreneurial opportunities for students in field of food processing and technology. He recommended the Chinese model where there should be a food processing center in every village and suggested it should be adopted in India.