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26/11 hero Brigadier Sisodia shared his larger-than-life experience with students

Shoolini University’s most recent Guru Series lecture was delivered by Brigadier Govind Sigh Sisodia, a senior officer of the Indian army who led the anti-terrorist operations at Hotel Taj and Hotel Trident during the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. His valuable message to the students says, “Innovation and initiatives are part and parcel of life, so keep your eyes and ears open and focus on your ambition”.

During his lecture, Brigadier Sisodia shared many valuable lessons that he learned during his career in the army. He highlighted the leadership quality of the armed force and shared his experience of conducting 26/11 operations and how brave military personnel sacrificed their lives to save their team and civilians. When talking about the present crisis in Kashmir, he stressed on the need for the government to positively engage with youth leaders there to bring this situation under control.

“Nobody in the armed forces works for an award. We are trained to do extra”, said Sisodia. He also gave credit to the media for playing a role in uniting the country for a single cause. He said, “The coverage by the media united the whole country and patriotism was at its peak, which boosted the morale of the team tasked with the duty of eliminating the terrorists. It was due to the media coverage that the whole world saw what was happening in the country and eventually put pressure on Pakistan, which was in denial mode until then.”

The day of 26 November, 2008 is one of the fateful days in modern Indian history. It was the day when some lost their lives, some their families, and many lost their sleep. A group of armed terrorists forcefully marched into Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai and many other places in the city and opened fire. Indian Army that immediately came to the people’s rescue; saved many lives; and took terrorists to hostage.  The heroes who saved lives will never be forgotten for their bravely and selfless attitude.

As part the Guru Series of lecture, Shoolini University invites luminaries from different sectors of society to share their experience with students and faculty.