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Shoolini Student to attend UN Youth Assembly

Yatin Kumar, a B Tech (Food Technology) student of Shoolini University, has been selected for attending and representing India at the United Nations Youth Assembly. He has been fully funded by Shoolini University to attend the conference taking place at New York in August.

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My Shoolini App: The University Goes Virtual

Shoolini University has recently launched My Shoolini App, which is currently available for download on Google Play. The iOS version of this app would be available from 1 September. This mobile-based virtual platform will help its users manage activities such as online attendance and fee payments on the go.

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Royal Academy of Engineering, London invites Shoolini Prof Atul Thakur to attend the visiting professor annual conference

It is an honour for Shoolini University to announce that one of its professors, Prof. Atul Thakur has been invited to the most prestigious educational institution for engineering in United Kingdom - The Royal Academy of Engineering, for the visiting professor Annual Conference.

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Researchers from School of Chemistry devise process to regenerate and reuse waste engine oil

Shoolini University's School of Chemistry has come up with a novel experiment of regenerating lubricating and engine oil waste. Now patented, the experiment has potential to make waste oil reusable which otherwise would have been disposed, thus adding to the waste. Their project has been titled ‘Regeneration of waste engine oil using Bio-waste derived nano-materials’.

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Shoolini research identifies gene associated with fungal pathogen, published in Journal of Basic Microbiology

If crops are not protected against pathogen attacks, a severe famine isn’t far from reality.A dedicated team of researchers fromthe Faculty of Applied Sciences and Biotechnology at Shoolini University is working towards avoiding food crisis in a manner that it can help crops in all regions of the world. In a latest research, they have discovered a gene that influences growth of the Colletotrichumgloeosporioidespathogen in plants. 

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Three Shoolini Researchers Identify an Immunosensor for Protection of Himachal Cash Crop Capsicum

Three Shoolini University researchers, Anshul Sharma, Ankur Kaushal & Saurabh Kulshrestha, have discovered the potential of an immunosensor at detecting capsicum chlorosis virus in bell pepper. Their study was recently published in the Archive of Virology journal by international publisher Springer. With their research findings, they have introduced a diagnostic technique to detect plant viruses that are superior at presenting detection methods in practice. 

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Shoolini Launches Free Online Program on Water Resource Management

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology at Shoolini University has organized an online outreach programme on Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Water Resource Management from May 22 to June 9, 2017. The university cordially invites working professionals as well as students to come and contribute to the cause. This programme is a part of university’s association with Institute of ISRO’s (IIRS) outreach programme. Working professionals as well as students can be a part of the programme. All participants will receive certificates upon successful completion of the programme.

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Ex-Chief Election Commissioner Navin Chawla delivers guru series lecture

Former Chief Election Commissioner Navin Chawla recently delivered guru series of lectures during his visit to the Shoolini University where he spoke about the importance of voting and whether Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) can be hacked. 

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Biocon hires 14 Shoolini University students during its annual placement drive

India’s largest biopharmaceutical company Biocon has hired 14 students from Shoolini University during its annual placement drive to the university campus.  The company has offered students an annual package of  Rs. 3.5 lakh each. Six more students have also been selected by Biocon, but their roles are yet to be declared. 

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A Workshop to Address Need to Use Renewable Energy in Rural Areas

Environment-friendly groups and organisations use renewable sources of energy to meet their everyday needs. To spread this message further, Shoolini University conducted a workshop on Renewable Energy Awareness for gram panchayats.The aim of the workshop was to bring awareness about the applications of renewable and energy conservation measures in rural areas. 

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