MSc Materials Science

An MSc in Materials Science is an interdisciplinary program aimed at providing rigorous education in Materials Science and the fundamental Physics. 

This exciting and multi-disciplinary field investigates matter and materials across a broad range of interactions, and applications. This program is an interdisciplinary understanding of the fundamental scientific principles, analysis techniques, and research design methodologies that are required for both practice and advanced study in the field of Materials Science/Physics. This program is relevant to students interested in moving directly into industry or continuing on to a PhD program. At Shoolini University, the program will combine lectures, workshops, and Project work with the use of our facilities including laboratories, synthesis labs, and computer labs, and visits to instrumental centers involved in the fields of Materials Science.

Materials scientists often work in the extraction, development, processing of, and testing of materials to be used in the creation of many products. These products might include semiconductors, golf clubs, or computer chips. The development of new materials is often one of the primary goals of these professionals.

Students opting for this program can expect overseas exposure and foreign exchange opportunities at some of the world’s best universities.

Globally, major players in the field of materials science are Alpha-Micron, Johnson & Johnson, NASA USRP, Parker Hannifin, Lincoln Electric and much more. In India, major recruiters are Unilever, Mars, Merck, Whitehall international, Proctor and Gamble, Blue Yonder etc.

Career Opportunities

  • Materials Engineer
  • Research Scientist
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Manufacturing Systems Engineer



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Course Information

BSc in any of the Science subjects and a minimum of 50% marks.

Admission Criteria
Shoolini University's multiple choice entrance test

2 Years

Semester Fee
₹ 68,200
* One-time refundable security fee of Rs. 10,000

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