MSc Computational Science

MSc in Computational Science is a two-year full-time postgraduate course spread over 4 semesters. The primary focus lies on developing problem-solving methodologies and robust tools for numerical simulation. The goal is to present the fundamentals of scientific computing, with short codes to implement the key concepts. Minimum eligibility for this program is graduation from a recognized college/university. 

Course Significance and Need

Modern scientists increasingly rely on computational modeling and data analysis to explore and understand the natural world. Given the ubiquitous use in science and its critical importance to the future of science and engineering, computational science/ modeling plays a pivotal role in the progress and scientific developments in the 21st Century. The knowledge of innovative tools and their collaboration with clients to fulfil their demands is one of the most important aspects of this Computational Science program. This Program is unique in the sense that it will enable application-driven computational modeling while also exposing disciplinary computational scientists to advanced tools and techniques. This will ignite new transformational connections in research and education and solve real-life scientific problems.

Since gigabytes of data is being generated every day, and its processing is critical to decision-making, the need for a computational scientist is increasing tremendously. Sectors seeing huge demand are Information Technology, telecom, manufacturing, finance and insurance, retail and many more. 



MSc Computational Science Career Opportunities

A significant aspect of this course is the ability to offer new educational opportunities that are aligned with the needs of current century workforce. It is seen that computational science is one of the rapidly growing fields in the country. After completing graduation, you will be offered with diverse career options in the fields of Data and Computational Science. You can work in sectors such as aerospace engineering, data science, environmental modelling, medical development, gene sequencing, meteorology and many more. You can also opt for a PhD specialization in a particular subject for a more rewarding career in academics and research. 

Job Opportunities 

Computational Science professionals can find employment in top companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Biocon, Syngenta, etc., with a variety of job roles such as a software engineer, data scientist, business analyst, and many more. This course also makes you eligible for some of the most demanding and interesting career tracks in the private or public sector.



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