Mr. Raj Kumar

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Basic Sciences

Assistant professor at Shoolini university and teaches Chemistry. Pursuing PhD from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Research theme is colloidal delivery system.

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  2. Kaur, K., Kumar, R., &Mehta, K. (2016). Formulation of saponin stabilized nanoemulsion by ultrasonic method and its role to protect the degradation of quercitin from UV light, UltrasonicsSonochemistry 31, 29–38.
  3. Kaur, K., Kumar, R., Arpita, Goel, S., Uppal, S., Bhatia, A., Mehta, K. (2017). Physiochemical and cytotoxicity study of TPGS stabilized nanoemulsion designed by ultrasonication method, UltrasonicsSonochemistry 34, 173–182.
  4. Kaur, K., Kaur, J., Kumar, R., &Mehta, K. (2017). Formulation and physiochemical study of α-Tocopherol based oil in water nanoemulsion stabilized with non toxic, biodegradable surfactant: Sodium stearoyl lactate, UltrasonicsSonochemistry 38, 570-578.
  5. Kumar, R., Kaur, K., Uppal, S., &Mehta, K., (2017). Ultrasound processed nanoemulsion:  A comparative approach between resveratrol and resveratrol cyclodextrin inclusion complex to study its binding interactions, antioxidant activity and UV light stability, UltrasonicsSonochemistry 37, 478-489.
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  7. Sadhukhan, P., Kundu, M., Rana, S., Kumar, R., Das, J., &Sila, P., (2019). Microwave induced synthesis of  ZnOnanorods and their efficacy as a drug carrier with profound anticancer and antibacterialproperties, Toxicology Reports 6, 176-185.

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