MBA Retail is a 2-year degree program at Shoolini University that focuses on the impact of retailing on the economy, the role of retailing on society, and society’s impact on retailing. The course focuses on understanding the impact of the pandemic on retail dynamics and navigating retail through engagement of customers and changes in their preferences and behaviour with technology. At the heart of Retail Management is knowledge about the nuances of various functions of retail within the broader disciplines of business and marketing.

An MBA in Retail Management offers specialisation in Retail Analytics and E-Commerce, Buying and Merchandising, Category Management, Retail store Operations, Visual Merchandising and Supply Chain Management. 

Emphasis is on recognising and understanding the operations-oriented policies, methods, and procedures used by successful retailers in today’s global economy. Upon completion of the program, graduates can fully understand the responsibilities of retail personnel in the numerous career positions available.

The cutting-edge curriculum offers complete knowledge about the management of retail industry, training and knowledge of key managerial skills essential to streamline retail operations. Fundamentals of business management and administration are a vital part of the syllabus. It also covers areas like servicing and business analysis. Retail management requires a person to use their managerial skills to make the market flow and retail process smooth and efficient.

Shoolini University has an illustrious team of faculty members from academia and industry. Prof Mukesh Goswami, who teaches and mentors MBA Retail students, has over 35 years of experience in Retail Management, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, CRM & Channel Management.

Management graduates get global exposure through international exchange opportunities with renowned universities across the world. Prominent among these are, University of Arkansas, USA; Lanzhou University, China; University of Naples, Italy; Taipei Medical University, Taiwan; Gachon University, South Korea; South Dakota Mines University, USA.

Shoolini University is UGC Approved and NAAC Accredited. 

Apart from core courses in Organisation Theory, Marketing, HR & Finance, focus will be on: 

  • Fundamentals of Retail – Overview of Retail with Importance of Retail in Economy towards GDP and Employment. 
  • Retail Business Models – E-Commerce, Franchising and Emerging Trends post-pandemic. 
  • Buying & Merchandising – Inventory Planning & Management, Category Management. 
  • Retail Operations – Location/Site selection, Store Design/Layout, Visual Merchandising, Store Management.  
  • Global Retail – Retail in US, China, Supply Chain, Vendor management 
  • Guest Lectures from Senior Executives from Key Retail Companies. 
  • Visits to retail stores – large to small format, Department stores, EBOs, SIS for practical understanding of their dynamics, processes, and operations.  
  • Workshops on Business Plans - Sales, COGS, Buying Plans, Category Plans, Staff Planning, Operating Expenses, Warehousing/Logistics plan & cost, Head Office infrastructure & manpower planning, Overall PNL understanding & workings. 

Collaborations with top companies

  • Lifestyle India
  • Landmark Group UAE
  • Aditya Birla Fashion Retail
  • Trent - Tata Retail - will need help of Vishal 
  • Reliance Brands
  • Crocs India 
  • Bata India
  • Al Hokair Group, KSA
  • Al Othaim Group, KSA
  • Apparel Group, UAE


  • Ranked among ‘Top 65 Business Schools of India’ (NIRF) 
  • Stanford-based SPRINT program to develop soft skills to thrive in a competitive workplace
  • Professionals from MNCs and large Indian corporates teach MBA program
  • Extensive use of modern teaching methodologies
  • Personality development modules: Communication Effectiveness Module offers ‘Best in Class’ techniques on communication skills for interviews and managerial effectiveness



  • Store Design & Layout
  • Impact of E-Commerce on Traditional Retail
  • Emerging Retailing Trends post-Covid
  • Indian Organised Retail Sector
  • Prospects of Retailing

Career Opportunities in MBA Retail

  • Marketing Manager
  • Merchandising Planner
  • Buying & Merchandise Manager
  • Retail Manager
  • Senior Operations Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Brand Manager

Quadmester-I  S. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
1 Managerial Accounting 2 Foundation
2 Managerial Economics 2 Foundation
3 Organizational Behaviour 2 Foundation
4 Marketing Management-I 2 Core
5 Human Resource Management-I 2 Core
6 Financial Management-I 2 Core
7 Writing Seminar-I 1 Life Skils
8 SPRINT-I 2 Life Skils
9 Social Project-I S/US Life Skils
  Total 15  
Quadmester-II  S. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
1 Financial Management-II 2 Core
2 Human Resource Management-II 2 Core
3 Marketing Management-II 2 Core
4 Fundamentals of Retail 2 Core
5 Statistics for Management 2 Foundation
6 Management of Investment  (AMFI) 2 Core
7 Writing Seminar -II 1 Life Skills
8 Social Project-II NC/NG Life Skills
9 SPRINT-II 2 Life Skills
  Total 15  
Quadmester-III S. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
1 Business Analytics 2 Core
2  Busines Strategy 2 Core
3 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 2 Core
4 Research methods & Decision making 2 Core
5 SPRINT III 2 Life Skills
6 Social Project-III NC/NG Life Skills
7 Retail Store Operations 2 Core Elective
8 Retail Business Models 2 Core Elective
  MINOR-  Any one from Other Major Specilizations    
  MAJOR Tourism    
1 Tourism: Concept & Impacts 2 Core Elective
2 Indian History of Art, Culture & Architecture 2 Core Elective
1 Consumer Behaviour 2 Core Elective
2 Sales Management 2 Core Elective
1 Security Analysis and Valuation 2 Core Elective
2 Capital Markets and Institutions 2 Core Elective
  MAJOR HR    
1 Organizational Development and Change Management 2 Core Elective
2 HR Planning and Recruitment 2 Core Elective
1 International Trade and Policy  2 Core Elective
2 Basic Mandarin-I 2 Core Elective
1 Content Strategy  2 Core Elective
2 E-Business 2 Core Elective
2 Pharma Marketing Management 2 Core Elective
  Major logistics and SCM    
1 Logistics and Distribution Management  2 Core Elective
2 International Trade and Policy 2 Core Elective
  Major : Data Science    
1 Computational Theory and Data science 2 Core Elective
  2 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  2 Core Elective
    Major : Agribusiness    
  1 Agribusiness Environment and Policy 2 Core Elective
  2 Agricultural Marketing Management 2 Core Elective
    Total 16  
Quadmester-IV S. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
1 Global Business Opportunities & Diplomacy 2 Core
2 Fintech 2 Core
3 Practical Data Analytics 2 Core
4 Sprint III 2 Life Skills
5 Spreadsheet Modelling using Advanced Excel (Business Analytics) 1 Life Skills
6 Python for Business (BA) 2 Core
7 Social Project-IV NC/NG Life Skills
8 Retail Store Operations 2 Core
9 Category Management 2 Core
  MINOR- Any one from major speciallizations   Core
  MAJOR Agribusiness    
1 Microfinance for Agribusiness 2 Core Elective
2 Farm Business Management 2 Core Elective
1 Digital Marketing 2 Core Elective
2 Service Marketing 2 Core Elective
1 Portfolio and Wealth Management 2 Core Elective
2 Financial Derivatives 2 Core Elective
  MAJOR HR    
1 Training and Development 2 Core Elective
2 Labour Law & Employee Relations 2 Core Elective
1 Global Retail 2 Core Elective
2 Global Business Oppurtunities & diplomacy 2 Core Elective
1 Digital Marketing 2 Core Elective
2 Global Retail 2 Core Elective
  MAJOR-Pharma in Health Care    
1 Cosmetic and Cosmeceuticals 2 Core Elective
2 Revenue cycle Management in health Care 2 Core Elective
  MINOR- DATA ANALYTICS AND AI Any one from above speciallizations    
1 Web Analytics 2 Core Elective
  Total 17  
Quadmester-V S. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
  Major - Retail    
  Supply Chain Management 2 Core 
  Minor(One from other specilizations):    
1 Major - Marketing    
  Customer Relationship Management 2 Core Elective
1 Major - Finance    
  Banking and Financial Markets: A Risk Management Perspective 2 Core Elective
1 Major – Human Resource    
  Organizational Design: Creating Competitive Advantage 2 Core Elective
1 Major - Tourism    
  Travel Agency & Tour Operations Management 2 Core Elective
1 Major Agribusiness    
  Agri-supply Chain Management 2 Core Elective
1 Major - Rural    
  Supply Chain Management 2 Core Elective
1 Major - International Relations    
  International Business 2 Core Elective
1 Major - Digital    
  Innovation and Information Technology Management 2 Core Elective
  Minor (Data Analytics)-One from the above or below:    
1 Innovation and Information Technology Management 2 Core Elective
  Total 4  
Summer Quadmester S. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
1 Summer Internship 12 Life Skills
    Total 12  
Quadmester-VI S. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
  Major Retail    
1 Retail Communications 2 Core
  Minor(One from other specilizations):    
  Major - Marketing    
2 Digital Marketing Analytics in Practice 2 Core Elective
  Major - Finance    
2 Introduction to Risk Management 2 Core Elective
  Major -HR    
2 Managing Employee Performance 2 Core Elective
  Major - Tourism    
2 Travel Agency & Tour Operations Management 2 Core Elective
  Major-Pharma & Health Care    
2 Supply Chain Management 2 Core Elective
  Major- Rural    
2 Supply Chain Management 2 Core Elective
  Major- International Relations    
2 International Business 2 Core Elective
  Major- Digital    
  Digital Marketing Analytics in Practice 2 Core Elective
2 Minor(Data Analytics)-One from the above or Below    
  Digital Marketing Analytics in Practice 2 Core Elective
  Total 4  
Quadmester-VII  S. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
1 Leadership Laboratory 2 Core
2 Research Project 1 Life Skills
3 SPRINT-VII 2 Life Skills
4 International Retailing and Benchmark practices 2 Core 
  Total 7  
NOTE: Total Program Credits: 90      
  Credits required for Major Specilization : 14    
  Credits required for Minor Specilization : 8      

Atul Khosla
Atul KhoslaProfessor
Munish Sahrawat
Munish SahrawatProfessor
Mukesh Goswami
Mukesh GoswamiProfessor
Pratip Mazumdar
Pratip MazumdarProfessor
Kesari Singh
Kesari SinghProfessor
Pooja Verma
Pooja VermaAssociate Professor
Amar Rao
Amar RaoAssociate Professor
Varsha Patil
Varsha PatilAssistant Professor
Kamal Kant Vashisth
Kamal Kant VashisthAssociate Professor
Ankit Shukla
Ankit ShuklaAssistant Professor
Nagendra Yadav
Nagendra YadavAssistant Professor
Vijay Kumar
Vijay KumarAssistant Professor
Rozy Dhanta
Rozy DhantaAssistant Professor
Ashoo Khosla
Ashoo KhoslaAssociate Professor
Vinay Negi
Vinay NegiAssistant Professor
Pardeep Sharma
Pardeep SharmaProfessor
Sanjeev Kumar Singh
Sanjeev Kumar SinghAssociate Professor

Frequently Asked Questions

The faculty at Shoolini University's business school comprises experts in all areas of management studies. Most members have either completed their Doctoral studies at leading universities or have worked in corporate companies at leadership positions. The experienced team hails from the University of Berkeley, IIT, IIM, ISB and other reputed universities in India and abroad. Apart from regular full-time faculty, our visiting faculty comprises corporate leaders who augment the learning with their practical experience. Passionate about what they do, the teachers of all MBA modules are deeply involved in teaching, research, and consultancy, and they are teachers by choice.

Tell me about the curriculum for MBA at Shoolini University?

Shoolini MBA curriculum is based on inputs from industry, alumni and academia. The first four quadmesters cater to the understanding of the fundamental concepts in business management, communications, research, analytics and legal aspects of the business. Students undergo a compulsory two-month summer internship after completion of the first year. In their second year -- quadmester 5 onwards -- students select their major and a minor specialisation. The specialisation choices available to the students are marketing, finance, human resource management, digital, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare management, rural management, international business and analytics. The course curriculum is dynamic in nature and continuously updated to incorporate the latest developments in the field. Overall, the Shoolini MBA curriculum focuses on knowledge of concepts in business management, development of practical skills for success in the real world and development of responsible business leaders.

Shoolini MBA graduates have a world of opportunities available to them. Our meticulously designed placement process ensures each student gets a great career opportunity in leading Indian and global corporates. Where few students get a pre-placement offer in their summer internship, others participate in Placement Week. During the Placement season, students have the option to choose jobs that offer packages of more than Rs 8 lakh per annum. Shoolini MBA graduates have been continuously getting absorbed into the public sector. Our alumni have established start-ups in India, Australia, the Middle East, New Zealand and the US. Students have also been extremely successful in corporate leadership positions and others have joined professional NGOs to contribute to society. Our students have also joined reputed institutions of higher learning for their Doctoral studies, while some have opted out of campus placements and joined their family establishments to give them a more professional outlook.

Students of Shoolini University regularly interact with experts from industry through guest lectures, workshops and seminars to get updated on contemporary concepts in business management. Our skill enhancement program SPRINT offers an excellent platform for hands-on workshops with corporates. Each course understanding is augmented with a masterclass by subject matter experts from the industry for deeper and comprehensive understanding. The students also undergo compulsory two months summer internship where they are mentored by leaders in the corporate sector. Students collaborate to solve live problems of the business world by undertaking research projects and participate in consultancy projects led by the faculty.

The Business School of Management conducts various activities to develop inter and intra-personal skills of students through activities like SPRINT, regular Industrial visits, self-improvement modules, etc.

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Course Details

  • Eligibility: A bachelor’s degree (any discipline) with minimum 50% marks

  • Admission Criteria: GMAT/CAT/MAT or state entrance, and letter of intent and faculty interaction

  • Duration: 2 Years

  • Semester Fee

    Himachal Pradesh Domicile : 135000
    Others : 148750

Admissions Open: 2023

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