This 2-year MA in History program at Shoolini University combines the study of Modern Indian history with modern global history.

The program, structured into four semesters at Shoolini University, focuses on the study of history and its modern interpretations. Students learn all about modern Indian history including Indian Nationalism, contemporary India, and relatively recent fields of study such as Gender Studies, Subaltern Studies, and Gandhian Studies. Additionally, they attain in-depth knowledge about the history of the world, right from Eastern to Western countries, to key global events.

The MA History program not only enlightens students about the historical study of the past but also improves their understanding of international events through present history. It strives to widen historical research methodology and comprehension, allowing students to decode hidden narratives and agendas in historical literature.

The program is taught by dynamic, conversant and devoted faculty members, who, with their innovative pedagogical approaches, encourage students to explore the nuances of the world.

Career Opportunities in MA History

  • Lecturer/Professor
  • Teacher/Principal
  • Translator
  • Journalist
  • Content Writer
  • Research Associate


Semester-I 1 Introduction to Historiography 4 Core
2 Introduction to Archaeology 4 Core
3 Aspects of Society and Culture in Early Modern Europe c. 1450-1700 4 Core
4 Medieval Societies 4 Core
  Total 16  
Semester-II 1 Philosophy and Methods of History 4 Core
2 Ideas and Emotions in Ancient India 4 Core
3 Gender in History 4 Core
4 Culture, Imperialism and Knowledge: Europe and the World, 1500-1900 4 Core
  Total 16  
Semester-III 1 Historicizing ancient Indian text 4 Core
2 Cultural Interactions in South and Southeast Asia (up to C. 1500) 4 Core 
3 History of Political Thought 4 Core
4 Conservation, Science and Technology 4 Core
  Total 16  
Semester-IV 1 Revolutions and Revolutionary Though 4 Core
2 Early Indian art and architecture (c 300 BCE to c 1300 CE) 4 Core 
3 Socio Economic History of Medieval India 1200-1750 4 Core
4 Fortifications in Medieval India 4 Core 
  Total 16  
Total Credits(16+16+16+16) 64  

Vipin Pubby
Vipin PubbyProfessor
Subodh Saurabh Singh
Subodh Saurabh SinghAssociate Professor
Tej Nath Dhar
Tej Nath DharProfessor
Deepshikha Thakur
Deepshikha ThakurAssistant Professor
Supriya Srivastava
Supriya SrivastavaAssistant Professor
Mala Tripathi
Mala TripathiAssistant Professor
Anupama Chandel
Anupama ChandelAssistant Professor
Apar Kaushik
Apar KaushikAssistant Professor
Indu Negi
Indu NegiAssistant Professor
BhawnaAssistant Professor
Isha Jaswal
Isha JaswalAssistant Professor
Navreet Sahi
Navreet SahiAssociate Professor
Rajesh Williams
Rajesh WilliamsAssistant Professor
Hemant Kumar Sharma
Hemant Kumar SharmaAssistant Professor

Frequently Asked Questions

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Course Details

  • Eligibility: Graduation in any discipline with History as one of the subjects and minimum 55% marks

  • Admission Criteria: Admission through faculty interaction

  • Duration: 2 Years

  • Semester Fee

    Himachal Pradesh Domicile : 43580
    Others : 55000

Admissions Open: 2023

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