Master of Arts (MA)

Shoolini University, recognised for its focus on excellence in teaching, innovation, quality placements, and world-class faculty, offers students a 2-year Master of Arts (MA) degree under the Chitrakoot School of Liberal Arts.  

The liberal arts postgraduate program involves a broad grasp of the fundamental principles of the subject, a deep understanding of the area of specialisation, an innovative ability to solve new problems, and the capacity to learn continually and interact with multidisciplinary groups. With these goals in view, our postgraduate programs are specially designed to include courses of study, seminars, and project/thesis through which a student may develop his/her concepts and intellectual skills.

Completing an MA degree offers a number of diverse benefits to students ranging from enhanced career prospects to improved problem-solving and decision-making skills. Students can also pursue a postgraduate program in a subject of their choice. 

The university continues its quest for excellence by adding new programs in varied disciplines every year.

Our illustrious team of faculty members, trained and educated at the best universities of the world, bring education and innovation to the classroom. The faculty is headed by Prof Manju Jaidka, a scholar with an international profile, who has held assignments and prestigious fellowships in Europe and America. Additionally, faculty members based in America and Japan take regular classes in the virtual mode. They inculcate critical thinking among students and train them to actively analyse the problems and possibilities they might encounter in their lives.

Shoolini University has collaborations with more than 250 reputed foreign universities for student/faculty exchange programs. Students are provided aid and support to get admission through various scholarship programs while they pursue a degree of their choice.


  • Sanskrit
  • Hindi
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Public Policy & Administration


  • Trains students for civil services, teaching, corporate, and other coveted jobs
  • Experienced faculty with vast teaching and research experience
  • Rigorous academic curriculum
  • Regular literary and co-curricular activities
  • International exposure to students through seminars, conferences, and invited talks
  • Regional and national-level competitions organised regularly for students

Career Opportunities in Master of Arts (MA)

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Admissions Open: 2023

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