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Students' Activity Centre

Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences recognizes the importance of providing opportunities for recreation along with academics and the Students Activity Centre popularly referred to as SAC, is a step in that direction. The contemporary building attached to the Girls Hostel Complex is strategically located and stands only a few yards from the girls’ hostel and the Yogananda Library.

It houses an aerobics and fitness centre where students can engage in physical workout to keep themselves fit. Besides a 150 seated Indoor Cineplex which is used to screen movies and documentaries, the building also boasts of other modern amenities to pamper the students and make their stay at the university enjoyable.

The Nature Café, a rooftop cafeteria located in the building is among the popular hangouts of the students. The café is an ideal place to relax, enjoy sumptuous meals with friends and savor the stunning landscape of the Shivalik Hills.