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Hostels & Guest Houses

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Shoolini University has separate hostels for Boys and Girls.

1. Five Girls’ Hostels with a capacity of 1000 are located in the university campus

2. Four Boys' Hostels in the campus provide residence for 800 students.

3. A four-room guesthouse is available for parents visiting their wards at the hostel on subsidized rates.

Getting in

1. Since certain hostels and room types are in greater demand, senior students have priority when it comes to allotment of rooms.

2. Provision of hostel accommodation to admitted students is subject to availability of rooms.

3. Allotment is made on a first-come, first-serve basis.

4. In case of non-availability of rooms, candidates must make their own alternate arrangements. However, the university will assist students in finding accommodation with decent paying guest houses with good antecedents.

5. Hostel accommodation will be allotted only on the production of ID card and hostel fee receipt.

6. Wardens try to accommodate candidates of the same batch together. However, it may not be possible to do so in all cases at time of admission.

Rules & regulations

1. The right of admission to the hostels is reserved.

2. Admission to the hostels will be open at the beginning of the session.

3. Admission shall have to be sought afresh in every academic session and will be confirmed subject to the following conditions:

a) Receipt of a duplicate admission form duly signed by the parents/guardian of the resident. At the time of admission an applicant will fill such a form and attach a duly stamped envelope addressed to his/her parents/guardian.

b) Satisfaction of the Student Welfare Officer (SWO) regarding proper conduct and regular payment and dues of hostel, mess, and canteen in case of ex-residents.

4. Hostel accommodation shall be allotted on the basis of merit.

5. Residents should not keep cash or jewelry or other valuables in theorems. The responsibility for safety of their belongings will be entirely that of the residents. The residents are advised to take out an insurance against theft and fire. The management will not be responsible for any loss.

6. Consumption of alcohol/ intoxicants/smoking is strictly prohibited. Anyone found indulging in the above will be liable to face disciplinary action, including expulsion from the Hostel.

7. Residents permitting or abetting unauthorized occupation of the rooms/ seats shall be liable to:

a) Expulsion from the hostel

b) Forfeiture of securities

c) Imposition of a fine depending upon the extent of indiscipline

8. In case of non-payment of dues or violation of anyone of the hostel rules by a resident, the SWO may get his/her room locked/vacated.

9. Every resident shall be responsible for the safety of the furniture/fixtures in the room. Furniture is not to be removed from one room to another. Damage to hostel property is a serious offense; any resident found guilty of damaging hostel property will be liable to disciplinary action as per hostel rules including expulsion from the hostel/institute.

10. Use of electrical appliances, other than permitted ones, is strictly prohibited in the hostel.

11. Residents should observe strict economy in the use of electricity & water. They are required to switch off the lights, fans and other appliances as and when they leave their rooms, common room & dining hall. They should keep the geysers in the bathrooms off when not in use.

12. Residents are not to tamper with the electrical and sanitary installations. The cost of repair/replacement due to any damage was done to them will be realized from the residents.

13. Parents, friends, and visitors are not permitted to stay in resident’s room.

14. No resident shall remain absent from the hostel during the night without written permission of the warden.

15. Application for leave for absence from the hostel shall be made in advance to the Warden. Residents will make sure that their leave applications are sanctioned before they leave the hostel.

16. If a student residing in the hostel abstains from the classes without bonafide reasons, he/she shall be asked to quit the hostel.

18. Failure to comply with the hostel rules may result in a fine and expulsion from the hostel or institute or both depending upon the gravity of the violation. In the case of expulsion, the student will forfeit all the deposits & shall not be eligible for any claim.

19. Disrespect to DSW / SWO, Chief Warden & hostel wardens will lead to expulsion from the hostel.

Payment terms

1. Hostel charges are to be deposited for the whole academic year at the time of admission. Under special circumstances, it may be paid in the maximum of two installments but with the prior permission of the Vice-chancellor.

2. Once paid, hostel charges are non-refundable.

3. In case a student leaves the hostel with prior permission of the University Authority, they shall have to pay the room rent for the entire academic year.