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Joint Research Work

Joint Research Work

Sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering London, Shoolini University has been granted a prestigious project under ‘UK-India Educational and Research Partnership’. Main aspiration of the aforesaid Industry-Academia Partnership Program (IAPP) is “to develop industrially-focused curriculum in advanced manufacturing technology”

  • Shoolini University, in cooperation with partner organizations in various countries, is establishing joint programs to promote international scientific collaborations.
  • Researchers from partner institutions are requested to undertake joint research projects with each other.
  • Funding is announced by the government of the respective country and given to individuals who plan to take part in a specific international project.
  • So far, faculty members of Shoolini University have published 200+ joint research papers with foreign faculties from 30+ universities in 20+ countries.
  • Delegates of Shoolini University travel abroad regularly to create international collaborations and review existing collaborations with partners abroad.
  • In addition, we provide financial assistance for presenting a research paper, chairing a session or delivering a keynote address in an international scientific event.
  • Faculty members such as Dr. Varun Jaisawal, Dr. Adesh Dr. Somesh, Dr. Pankaj Chauhan, Dr. Saurabh Kulshrestha, Dr. RP Dwivedi, Dr. Rozy Dhanta
  • Dr. Kesari Singh, Dr. Kalpana, Ms. Prachi Kapil, Dr. Devesh Kumar, Prof. Atul Khosla, Prof. PK Khosla, Ms. Avnee Gupta
  • Have visited several countries multiple times for international collaborations and other academic activities.

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