‘If a dog could speak’: Literary session big hit!

The Belletristic: Shoolini Loves Literature Society organised another scintillating literary session on this theme, ‘If a dog could speak’. The best three entries of the competition were read out during a virtual session and a big shoutout was given to all the finalists.

The best entries belonged to Ishani, a young 15-year-old writer from Loretto, Shimla; Vamya, a third semester student from PU Regional Centre, Ludhiana, and Prof Pratip Mazumdar, School of Hospitality, Shoolini University.

Though centered on the same topic, all the three stories were completely different in their approach and thought-provoking in their own way.
The session was followed by a quick question-answer round, after which Dr Purnima Bali, Assistant Prof. English Department, announced another short story competition for young adults with the pandemic-induced lockdown as its theme.

Prof. Manju Jaidka, HoD, English Department, congratulated the winners and announced another book launch next Friday during the Belletristic session. The book is a compilation of COVID stories from different parts of the world and is being compiled by two academicians, Manju Jaidka and Nilak Dutta.

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