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Higher Study Opportunity

Higher Study Opportunity

Shoolini University has an agreement for international collaborations and exchange programs with universities in several countries. In accordance with the growing trend towards globalization, Shoolini University is setting up a distinctive strategy to expand and diversify its international programs and activities substantially.

  • Shoolini University helps its students to get higher study opportunities in foreign universities. It also supports faculty members to upgrade their qualifications.
  • The Office of International Affairs (OIA) offers counseling to students aspiring to study abroad and provides consultancy for tests such as GRE, IELTS and TOEFL.
  • Foreign universities also have several scholarships available for international students. These are scholarships can be funded by the foreign government or the university itself.
  • Because of the variety of scholarships on offer, the eligibility criteria for each of them are different.
  • Till date 40+ Shoolini students/faculties have received annual scholarships worth Rs. 15-18 lakh rupees, which covers tuition fee and living expenses abroad.

Shoolini University invites renowned foreign professors and world leaders to visit the campus and address the students. This helps us to cultivate future international leaders with a strong global personality. Honored speakers such as Prof. Robert Hubber (Nobel Laureate Chemistry- 1988), Mr. Patrick Dang (President-Sprott Shaw College, Canada), Prof. Yuji Nishikawa (JST Japan), Prof. Howrth Bouis (World Food Prize Laureate-2016) and Mr. Gavin Macdonald (Director International Affairs-UHI, UK) have visited Shoolini’s campus so far. The lecture and following roundtable discussions are also recorded.

  • Shoolini University invites foreign professors to spend one to two months in campus to teach courses, mentor graduate students, and collaborate for research and creative work. They work with the faculty and researchers to achieve a distinctive end goal.
  • Shoolini University provides support for a one- to two-month stay and a reasonable living allowance. Foreign visiting professors are provided office space, keep a regular full schedule, and are given the opportunity to teach courses.
  • Simultaneously, they also write papers for publication. In this context, Shoolini University has invited Dr. Hyoung Inn Lee from Seoul National University, Korea and Dr. Nam Hee Lee from ETRI, Korea.

Visits by Renowned International Faculty

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