Rajesh Kumar

Professor / Science
Professor, Ph. D. NET


Rajesh Kumar

Dean-cum-HOS at Shoolini University and teaches Physics. Project Fellow, Royal Academy of Engineering, London, UK. Visiting Researcher at Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, UK. He was also awarded Vice Chancellor Highest Patent Filer Award 2018. More than 21 years of experience in industry/teaching/research/administration. Received M Phil from CDLU, Sirsa, Haryana. Cleared CSIR-NET with AIR-8 and received Ph D from Shoolini University in collaboration with NIT Hamirpur. He has published more than fifty research papers and has filed forty-three patents (five have been granted). Authored one book entitled “Techniques for Estimation of Solar Radiation-Past and Future”. He has received one International grant from Royal Academy of Engineering, London-UK and two national grants from MNRE, GOI, New Delhi and HIMCOSTE, Shimla (HP). Currently studying solar thermals, packed bed storage, essential oil extraction with solar energy and materials for solar energy applications.


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