Bhupender Kumar

Assistant Professor / Engineering & Technology
Assistant Professor


Bhupender Kumar

Bhupender Kumar is Pursuing Ph.d. and he is M. Tech. (Structural Engineering) and B. Tech (Civil Engineering) from Shoolini University. He has worked as a Teaching Assistant for four and half Years.


  • Bhupender Kumar, Ashok Pundir, Vikas Mehta, Priyanka, Bhanu Pratap Singh Solanki and Radha. A review paper on plastic, its variety, current scenario and its waste management. Plant Archives Vol. 20, Special Issue (AIAAS-2020), 2020 pp. 53-56. 
  • Vikas Mehta, Priyanka, Mohindra Singh Thakur, Bhupender Kumar, Ashok Pundir, Kwok-wing Chau, and Radha. Partial replacement of fine aggregates with recycled glass in Portland Pozzolana Cement. Plant Archives Vol. 20, Special Issue (AIAAS-2020), 2020 pp. 198-205. 
  • Priyanka, Vikas Mehta, Mohindra Singh Thakur, Bhupender Kumar and Ashok Pundir. Pathway to net zero energy building. Plant Archives Vol. 20, Special Issue (AIAAS-2020), 2020 pp. 156-159. 


  • Bhupender Kumar, Dr. M.S. Thakur, Er. Vikas Mehta. “Process of thickness on the rubberized base isolator in RCC 8-story frames” Filling no 201911012737 Date of filling 29 march 2019.

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