Abhilash Pathania

Associate Professor / Engineering & Technology
Associate Professor, Ph.D.


Abhilash Pathania

He is having an experience of 17 years in teaching as well as industry. His Area of interest is Nanotechnology, Automobiles and Industrial Engineering. He is Head, of VLCI (Visionary Learning Community of India) Regional Centre and also a trained demonstrator of VLCI. In VLCI we train   our students & Industry employees to improve the efficiency of industry by using lean tools. The industry employees and engineering students work together in industry to practice these lean tools as a fish bowl model.


  • Panwar A., Kumar R., Thakur R., Goel B., Rana A., Pathania A. and Aggarwal V., Selection of Optimal Parameters for Reduction of Forging Defect using AHPTOPSIS Technique, International Journal on Emerging Technologies 11(2) (2020) 178-186 
  • Abhilash Pathania, Preeti Thakur, Alex V. Trukhanov, Sergei V. Trukhanov, Larissa  V. Panina, Ulrike Lüders, Atul Thakur, Development of tungsten doped Ni-Zn nano-ferrites with fast response and recovery time for hydrogen gas sensing application, Results in Physics,15 (2019) 102531. 
  • Abhilash Pathania, Sanjay Bhardwaj, Shyam Singh Thakur, Jean-Luc Mattei, Patrick Queffelec, Larissa V. Panina, Preeti Thakur, Atul Thakur, Investigation of structural, optical, magnetic, and electrical properties of tungsten doped NiZn nano-ferrites, Physica B: Condensed Matter, 531 (2018) 45-50. 
  • Abhilash Pathania, Pedro Estrela, Kush Rana, Jean Luc Mattei, Nikhil Bhalla, Patrick Queffelec, Preeti Thakur, Atul Thakur, Raman and Mossbauer spectroscopic studies of tungsten doped Ni–Zn nano ferrite, J Mater Sci: Mater Electron, 28 (2017) 679–685. 
  • Abhilash Pathania, Preeti Thakur, Amit Sharma, J.H. Hsu, Atul Thakur, Investigation of iron deficient and manganese doped Ni–Mg nano-ferroxide ceramics, Ceram Int. 41 (2015) 10803–10809.
  • Shyam Singh Thakur, Abhilash Pathania, Preeti Thakur, Atul Thakur, Jen-Hwa Hsu, Improved structural, electrical, and magnetic properties of Mn–Zn–Cd nanoferrites, J. Ceram Int., 41, (2015) 5072-5078.Accepted
  • Prateek Guleria, Abhilash Pathania, Rakesh Shukla, Shubham Sharma, Lean Six-Sigma: Panacea to Reduce Rejection in Gear Manufacturing Industry, Materials Today: Proceedings (2021) 
  • Pathania A, Kumar R, Rojhe K, Goel B, Aggarwal S, Mahto D, Value Stream Mapping -Panacea for lead time reduction in Ferrite Core Industry, Materials Today: Proceedings (2021).

S. No

Patent Name


Portable Grading Machine


Portable Vehicle Washing Equipment


Portable Grading Machine


Portable Fruits Grading Machine


Handy Washing Device


Trataka Equipment


Arm Type Sun Tracking


Screw Type Sun Tracking System


Easy Elevator


Fork Lifter


Multiple Lug Spanner


Anti-Drug Band


Ionized Filtered Compressed Air Type Vinegar Generating Apparatus 


Sealing System of Banjo Beam During Air Leak Operation


A System for Blockage Detection of Air Flow Line.


A System of Automotive Assistance for Minimize the Fuel Metering Tolerance

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