Rajinder Sharma

Visiting Faculty

Advocate, In-House General Counsel, Recipient Global Awards in Ethics and Compliance, Headed Legal Dept at Bharti Airtel, Escorts Ltd, Lucent Technologies, RCom & JSW Group in India

Rajinder Sharma is a Founding Mentor at the Faculty of Legal Sciences, Shoolini University. With a distinguished career as an Advocate and a recognised In-House General Counsel, Sharma holds a position among the top legal luminaries in India. He secured the second spot in the prestigious GC Power List of India in 2017, showcasing his expertise in legal matters.

He has worked with Tata Steel, Escorts, Reliance, Bharti, Coca-Cola, JSW Group, DuPont, Samsung, and Flipkart as General Counsel and a member of their Board of Directors.

Sharma is passionate about various fields of law, particularly M&A, ADR, Litigation, Corporate Affairs, and Ethics and Compliance. In the realm of M&A, he accomplished a complex 1 Billion Dollar inbound transaction from Japan and successfully navigated challenges in the acquisition of listed coal mine companies in South Africa and Indonesia. His track record includes the fastest acquisition in the country within 52 hours and the quickest closure of a Vendor Financing deal for a greenfield project.

In the Litigation arena, Sharma has triumphed in legal battles, including PILs on product integrity issues for a beverage company. He is credited with innovative approaches in litigation matters, such as caveats in criminal cases and pioneering criminal jurisprudence to recover monies.

He has built legal departments for companies like Bharti Airtel, Escorts Ltd, Lucent Technologies, RCom, and JSW Group in India. Sharma's legal team has earned global recognition, winning the second-best global award.

He is a recipient of global awards in Ethics and Compliance. Sharma has also served as an Executive Board Member of AMCHAM and a Committee member of USIBC, a US and Indian Govt G2G initiative. His involvement in various committees and sub-committees of the Government of India and industry chambers like CII, FICCI, and PHD Chambers further underscores his commitment to the legal profession.

Rajinder Sharma's wealth of experience and accomplishments make him a valuable asset to the Faculty of Legal Sciences at Shoolini University, where he continues to inspire and guide the next generation of legal professionals.

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