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A PhD in Consumer Behaviour, Kuldeep Chand Rojhe imparts deep knowledge in Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Brand Management & Digital Marketing. He is involved in research and consultancy in management domain. He guides Doctoral students in the field of marketing. With 19 years of teaching and administrative experience, his academic contributions include several international scientific papers, consultancy projects, reviews and book chapters. He has edited books and has 3 patents as well as 6 copyrights.

Rojhe has developed a model on consumer complaining behaviour, TQM adoption and performance model, Context, Awareness and Benefits-CAB Model of Maternity Benefits, SAILOR- Shoolini Academic Instructions for leveraging online resources, and several survey instruments for research in management. He is also serving in many capacities like regulatory compliance, consultant to industries, and several important committees in the university.

Currently, Dr. Rojhe is engaged in research in consumer privacy concerns, unethical consumer behaviour and brand management. 

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