Management Sciences & Liberal Arts

Shoolini prides itself on a proficient and accomplished team of faculty members. Our students learn from some of the best teachers in India. The faculty members are trained and educated at the best universities of the world such as National Cancer Institute, USA, NIH, USA, IISc and Oxford.
You can download the complete list of faculty members here.
Below is a list of our key faculty members.

Key Faculty of Management Sciences & Liberal Arts

Dr. Kuldeep C Rojhe

Professor, Ph.D, SLET

Dr. Narinder Verma

Professor, Ph.D, NET

Dr. (Ms) Kesari Singh

Professor, Ph.D

Mr. Vipin Pubby

Professor, PG (English)

Dr. Y S Negi

Professor, Ph.D. (Agriculture Economics, USA)

Justice Surinder Singh Thakur

Chairman-cum-Advisor to School of Law

Ms. Nishtha Shukla Anand

Professor, MA (Eng. Lit.)

Mr. Pratip Mazumdar

Professor, B.Com, PG Diploma in Hospitality Administration, Hotel Management

Ms. Manju Jaidka

Professor, Ph.D

Dr. Vinod Kumar

Professor, MBBS,MSc, Ph.D. (Pursuing)

Dr. Devesh Kumar

Associate Professor, Ph.D., MBA, NET

Dr. Nandan Sharma

Associate Professor, Ph.D., LLM

Dr. Pooja Verma

Associate Professor, Ph.D., MBA,NET

Dr Purnima Bali

Assistant Professor PhD, M. Phil, MA (English)

Swati Soni

Assistant Professor, LL.M, NET, Ph.D. (Pursuing)

Shubham Sharma

Assistant Professor, LLM NET

Mr. Amar Rao

Assistant Professor, MBA, NET, Ph.D.

Mr. Chander Mohan Gupta

Assistant Professor, MBA, LLM, M.Com.

Ms Lata Negi

Assistant Professor, MA (English)

Ms. Varsha Patil

Assistant Professor, C.S./B.Com

Ms. Monika Thakur

Assistant Professor, LLM.

Ms. Prachi Kapil

Assistant Professor, MBA, Ph.D. (Pursuing)

Mr. Neeraj Pizar

Assistant Professor, M.A.English,NET

Dr. Nitin Gupta

Assistant Professor, Ph.D, MBA

Dr. Kamal Kant Vashisth

Assistant Professor, Ph.D.,MBA, NET

Mr. Vineet Sharma

Assistant Professor, Master in Tourism Management

Ms. Anupriya Thakur

Assistant Professor, LL.B.; PGDPM & LW

Mr. Ankit Shukla

Assistant Professor, Master of Hotel Management

Dr. Subodh Saurabh Singh

Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor (Yoga), Ph.D. (Yogic Science), NET

Dr. Supriya Srivastava

Assistant Professor, Ph.D., NET

Mr. Vijay Kumar

Assistant Professor, MBA, Ph.D. (Pursuing)

Mr. Shivendra Gupta

Assistant Professor, MBA, Ph.D. (Pursuing)

Dr. Rozy Dhanta

Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

Dr. Mala Tripathi

Assistant Professor (Yoga), Ph.D. (Yogic Science), NET

Ms. Anupama Chandel

Assistant Professor (Yoga), M.Phil., M.A.(Yoga), Ph.D. (Pursuing)

Ms Ranjna Thakur

Assistant Professor, UGC NET and SET qualified, Gold Medalist

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