Faculty of Liberal Arts and Ancient Indian Wisdom

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An education in Liberal Arts includes a multi-disciplinary and broad-spectrum approach to learning. Study English, Psychology, Hindi, History, Yoga, and Political Science. A Bachelor of Arts degree - specially as an honours -- enhances analytical thinking, promotes creativity and develops interpersonal skills. This knowledge is lasting and in high demand in the job market.

We believe that this is also the era of the Liberal Arts founder and CEO. That is because students of liberal arts can explore ideas, issues, and methods across subjects. Students learn to read critically, write persuasively, speak coherently and develop analytical skills. This in turn helps them have meaningful conversations, strengthen their social and cultural analysis, and cultivate the tools necessary to navigate life competently.

Students have the freedom to choose subjects irrespective of their chosen stream in Grade XII. Additionally, they can pursue other subjects that might interest them from different departments as Shoolini follows the latest NEP structure and offers a range of minor subjects.  

The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Ancient Indian Wisdom comprises three schools:

We offer undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in all three disciplines.


Students pursue higher education, civil services, teaching, corporate roles, and study abroad

Globally acclaimed faculty with vast teaching and research experience

Students participate in key events on campus such as a Literature Fest, Creators' Fest, Moksha etc.

Industry-like experience is provided in tandem with the School of Media & Communication through Shoolini TV, Shoolini Radio and Shoolini Newspaper

Belletristic: Shoolini Loves Literature Society holds online sessions every week providing students the opportunity to interact with eminent personalities

Yoga programs equip students to work as therapists in hospitals & health clubs

Inter-disciplinary learning by choosing minors from other streams