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The education sector has always been dominated by the Sciences and there has been a huge demand for professional and technical courses in the past. But in the last decade, there has been a sudden upsurge in the field of Liberal Arts. An education in Liberal Arts provides a multi-disciplinary and broad-spectrum approach, analytical thinking, creativity and flexibility – skills that are lasting and transferable and in high demand in the job market.

Liberal arts programs explore ideas, issues, and methods across humanities and arts and the natural and social sciences. Students learn to read critically, write persuasively and develop analytical skills, which in turn help them have meaningful conversations, strengthen their social and cultural analysis and cultivate the tools necessary to navigate life competently.

These skills have become invaluable in the post-pandemic world. Today, leaders look for professionals who have problem-solving skills, inter-cultural understanding and moral reasoning, which can be attained through a degree in Liberal education. 

The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Ancient Indian Wisdom comprises three schools:

We offer undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in all three disciplines. Bachelors in English, Masters in English, Bachelors in Journalism, Masters in Journalism, Bachelors in Yoga and Ancient Indian Wisdom, Masters in Ancient Indian Wisdom and PhD programs across all three disciplines. 


Trains students for Civil Services, teaching, corporate, and other coveted jobs

Globally acclaimed faculty with vast teaching and research experience

Students get industry-like experience through Shoolini TV, Shoolini Radio and Shoolini Newspaper

Top industry experts train students in all techniques and skills required at the professional level

Belletristic: Shoolini Loves Literature Society holds online sessions every week providing students the opportunity to interact with eminent personalities

Yoga programs equip students to work as naturopathy and yoga therapy experts in hospitals and health clubs

Why Enrol?

  • Interdisciplinary and diversified approach to learning.
  • Freedom to choose subjects irrespective of the background.
  • Creating combinations and clubbing natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.
  • From knowledge absorption to critical and creative thinking.
  • Students get the opportunity to study a combination of majors and minors across streams.
  • Students can choose from a variety of subjects such as English Literature, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, History, Yoga, Mass Communication, Geography, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Music, Visual Art, Performing Arts, Public Affairs, Gender Studies, etc.
  • Teaches teamwork and collaboration, essential components for success. 

Faculty Members

Our faculty are renowned and distinguished leaders in their fields, illustrious academicians and dedicated mentors. For any institution, its faculty is the main strength and Shoolini has highly experienced and talented teachers who combine high moral and ethical values with academic excellence, making them true role models. Having received their Doctorates and Post-doctorates from the most noted National and International Universities, the faculty is specially focused on research and has several books and research papers published in reputed academic journals. With their rich experience and subject expertise, the faculty encourages students to look beyond academics and explore their subjects with experiential learning, thereby enabling them to understand their subjects better.

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