Er. Mukul Kumar

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Applied Sciences & Biotechnology

Assistant Professor at Shoolini University, Er.Mukul Kumarteaches Food Technology here. In fact, he received his M.Tech from Shoolini University in Food Technology. Currently pursing his PhD in Food Technology from Shoolini University, he has worked on nutraceutical fortified beer and preparation of whisky from different raw materials by Traditional Methodology. He is currently studying development of herbal anti-obesity formulation from Himalayan herbs.

  1. Kaushik R., Chawla P., Kumar N., and Kumar M.(2017) Effect of pre-milling treatments on wheat flour quality. The Annals of University Dunarea de Jos of Galati. Food Technology 41(2),1-11
  2. Chawla P., Kumar M.,& Khan H (2018) A Review on Effective Approach of Biogenic Metal Nanoparticles Contrary to Obesity. Submission: Current Research in Diabetes & Obesity Journal

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