Dr. Raj Kumar

Associate Professor
Faculty of Engineering & Technology

Dr Raj Kumar is currently working as an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at Shoolini University Himachal Pradesh (India). He joined as an Assistant Professor in the Shoolini University (India), in Sept. 2013. He received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from the North Maharashtra University Jalgaon (MS), India, and obtained his Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Technology from NITTTR (Panjab University) Chandigarh, India. He earned his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from Shoolini University, Himachal Pradesh, India. His research concentrated on the Performance Investigation of Solar Air Channel having Discrete V-Pattern Baffle as Turbulence Promoters on Absorber Plate. He has published over 25 articles in international journals and over 14 conference proceedings. He has filed 10 patents. His current research interests are heat transfer enhancement, experimental fluid mechanics and manufacturing.

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