Dr. Prerna Bhardwaj

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Basic Sciences

Assistant Professor at Shoolini University and teaching Biology, Dr. Prerna Bhardwaj received her Ph.D degree from Shoolini University in Botany. Currently working on gymnosperms in general and P. roxburghiispecies in particular, her research revolves around understanding resin yield, secondary metabolites, anatomical, physiological processes and their variation according to clines and environmental factors.

  • Prerna, B.,  Kulwant, R., &Prem, K. (2016).  Variation in cone characteristics of Pinusroxburghii.International Journal of Biology, Pharmacy and Allied Sciences, 5, 2763-2770.
  • Prerna, B., Kulwant, R., &Prem, K.  (2016).  Variation in resin duct and yield in chir pine population.International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, 8, 1000-1005.
  • Amita, K., Prerna, B., &Prem, K. (2014).  Molecular identification of gender in Populusciliatawall.exroyle using isozyme and RAPD markers.International Journal of Biological and Pharmaceutical Research, 5, 415-423.

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