Dr. Pankaj Kumar Chauhan

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Applied Sciences & Biotechnology

Assistant Professor at Shoolini University, Dr. Pankaj Kumar Chauhanteaches Food Chemistry and Nutrition. He received his PhD from HNB Central University Garhwal, Srinagarin Biochemistry.

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  • JanmeetKaur, P.K. Chauhan and KanikaDulta. Isolation, characterization and identification of microorganisms from distillery effluent contaminated soil and Ex situ bioremediation of contaminated soil. Biological Forum – An International Journal. 10 (1): 101-110 (2018). (Thomson Reuters).
  • Vinod Kumar, Manisha Nanda, Sanjay Kumar and P. K. Chauhan. The effects of ultraviolet radiation on growth, biomass, lipid accumulation and biodiesel properties of microalgae. Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization and Environmental Effects. https://doi.org/10.1080/15567036.2018.1463310.  1-7, 2018. (Taylor and Francis).
  • Manjeet Singh, P. K. Chauhan, Vikas Kumar and JanmeetKour. Assessment of Phytochemical and Antioxidant potential of underutilized Pear (PyrusPyrifolia) and Plum (PrunusDomestica) from Indigenous Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research. (2017), 8(7). 2982-2987.
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  • P.K. Chauhan, I.P. Pandey and Vinod Kumar Dhatwalia, Evaluation of the Anti-diabetic Effect of Ethanolic and Methanolic Extracts of CentellaasiaticaLeaves Extract on Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats. Advances in Biological Research, 4 (1): 27-30, 2010.
  • P K Chauhan, I.P.Panday, G.Awasthi, Vinod Kumar Dhatwalia and V.Singh. Antibacterial activity of Centellaasiaticaagainst seven pathogenic bacteria from the urine of diabetic patients. Biomedicine, 20 (1): 62-64, 2009.
  • Vinod Kumar Dhatwalia, O.P.Sati, M.K.Tripathi, P.K. Chauhanand Ashok Kumar. Characterization of wheat varieties by Albumin and Gliadin protein electrophoresis. Journal of Environment and Bio-sciences.Vol.23 (2): 183-186, 2009.

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