Dr. Dipanker Sharma

Associate Professor
Faculty of Management Sciences & Liberal Arts

Dr. Dipanker is Associate Professor at Shoolini University and teaches Human Resource Management. Specialising in Human Resource Management he has industrial experience of 10 years as a Corporate Trainer with many renowned MNCs. Worked on management styles, he has a Doctorate degree from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla.

During his career as Corporate Trainer, his areas of expertise were Induction Training, Process training, Soft Skills and Behavioral training. He received several Red-Carpet awards for being Best Trainer in India at the previous workplace. Dr. Sharma has done short assignments in Eastern Asian countries like Hongkong and has taken up many research projects on women empowerment and related issues. He carries rich industrial exposure and has conducted extensive research. His current area of interest & research is 'Brain Circulation of Human Capital.'

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    Impact Factor – 6.56 (Thompson and Reuters, Clarivate)

Book Chapters/Proceedings

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