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Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences Sierra Bio Life Center of Excellence in Biomics : People

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Dr Bala Surya Kumble 
Dr Kumble is the Managing Director of Innova Sierra Pty Ltd which is an AusIndustry (Australian Government) registered Innovation and R&D Company providing specialist R&D advice and management, Product development – concept to product release, and Innovation advice to Industry. Innova Sierra is currently engaged in innovation in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Telecommunication, Mining and Industrial Automation and SmartGrid initiatives. Dr Kumble is also Head of R&D, Innovation in Caason Group. Dr Kumble is also the Director of Global Knowledge Alliance, a Knowledge and Education Company and Sierra Bio Life, a Biotechnology R&D and Commercialization Management Company.
Previously Dr Kumble was the Head of Technology & Products at Synchordia, CTO of Azurn International Ltd a Unified Communications platform technology company and Senior Vice President of Azurn Networks Inc. USA., Senior Executive in Telstra Corporation, Head of Multimedia Group in Telstra, and Senior Executive in Telecom New Zealand Australia in charge of Banking Infrastructure. Dr Kumble was a Joint Director and Member Secretary of the National Radar Council Working Group, Government of India
Dr. Bala Kumble has over 30 years’ experience in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) industry, Biomedical, Mining and Smart Grid technology. Dr Kumble was responsible for Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Colonial Bank merger infrastructure creation and rationalization with a new IP Infrastructure for all of the CBA branched and Corporate Centrers. Dr Kumble as Head of Telstra Interactive Multimedia Group was responsible for innovative, real time multimedia products and Services. Dr Kumble led roll out of the first integrated Education Network - EduNet infrastructure and Services for Secondary Schools in Australia, led the Supermarket to Asia initiative of the Australian Government. Dr Kumble has led large Research & Development, and Commercialisation teams in leading-edge “techno-Economic” interface and leadership. Dr Kumble has published several papers and contributed to Patents. Dr Kumble has worked extensively in leading edge technology, and technology & Know-How transfers cross borders internationally, including setting up of manufacturing in avionics and defense communication equipment.
Dr Bala Kumble has been responsible for setting up Centres of Excellence in Reliability Engineering, EMI & EMC and Avionics Research. Recently Dr Kumble, recently been engaged in setting up a “Think Tank” Institute in New Delhi. Dr Kumble has been reviewer for various, Australian Research Council Research Grants and Co-Operative Research Centres (CRC), an Industry – Academia joint initiatives in leading edge technologies. Dr Kumble is passionate about bringing together industry, research centres and academia in focusing the Universities and developmental centres towards societal and industrial requirements in all their academic teachings, Innovation and Research
Dr Bala Kumble was the Chair of the Victorian Section of the IEEE and Chair of the Communication Society Chapter. Dr Kumble is a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Member of Australian Institute of Company Directors, holds PhD (Telecommunications), M.Tech (Communication Systems) and BE (Electronics & Communications Engineering) degrees. Dr Kumble has contributed extensively to Telecommunications Standardisation in ITU, has published several papers and was responsible for proposing and developing the concept of Universal Personal Telecommunications, what is currently known as Unified Communications. 
Dr Kumble was awarded the IEEE Millennium Medal for outstanding contributions. Dr Kumble is based in Melbourne, Australia.
Prof Anoop Swarup,
PhD(BU),MPhil(Vik),MBA(Swin),MSc(Vik),MSc (MU), FWBA(Melb)
Vice Chancellor Prof Anoop Swarup has over 32 years of extensive and diverse experience not only as a researcher, an academic and a civil servant but also as social activist, ecologist, peace exponent and a professional strategic expert that include private, not for profit and public sectors. Having worked with the Government of India as Commissioner and various capacities he was appointed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Boon to the United Nations in 2007, for implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions on Darfur. He joined as Vice Chancellor at Shobhit University in 2008 and as Chairman of Global Knowledge Alliance in 2011, and Vice Chancellor of Jagaran Lake City Univesity, India.
He has been a Presidential Awardee of Republic of India in 2003 for distinguished record of service, UNESCAP Hon’ble Mention, Rashtriya Gaurav Award and recipient of several commendations. He had undertaken the comprehensive climate change peer review as Global Environment Outlook (GEO 4) Reviewer working with the Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) that was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. A Fulbright Visitor to the US in 2004, he was earlier a recipient of NCERTs National Science Talent Scholarship, Junior Research Fellowship of UGC and had won the Senior Research Fellowship of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research as early as 1981 for pioneering work to develop an effector mechanism for tumor specific immunity and delayed hypersensitivity in experimentally induced carcinoma and followed his work with researches on abnormal human hemoglobin proteins and the affect of radiation on lymphocytes under pathological conditions.. His work on analysis of systems and interpretation of a hypothetical model of existence has been cited as a unique and multidisciplinary research on human interaction with the ecosystem, opening the field of anthropogenesis and futuristic studies on life sciences and the environmental from the perspective of human conflicts, political ecology and development economics.
Prof Swarup has diverse postgraduate degrees in management, bio sciences and strategic studies having been a visiting faculty with many Universities and National Academies and has been intimately associated with researches in life science having been invited to several international conferences and as a resource person with the Linnaean Society and the British Natural History Museum, London, the World Intellectual Property Organization, Washington DC, the United Nations Environment Program, Trieste, WildLife Institute, Dehradun and the World Wide Fund for Nature at New Delhi. He has been a Editor, Author of many books and over 200 research papers and articles both nationally and internationally.
Prof Asoke K. Talukder
Asoke K Talukder is an author, serial entrepreneur, and a professor; he has contributed in the field of Omic sciences, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Mobility, Information Security, Creative Arts, Research and Education. He is a think-tank with wide breadth of knowledge. He worked in India, USA, UK, and Singapore in the domains of Research, Product Engineering, and Management for companies like ICL, Fujitsu-ICIM, Microsoft, Oracle, Informix, Digital, Hewlett Packard, Sequoia, Northern Telecom, NEC, KredietBank, iGate, Cellnext, etc. He Internet enabled Microsoft PowerPoint, reengineered Informix database for 64 bit DEC-Alpha, engineered Oracle Parallel Server for Hewlett Packard HP-FX, Sequoia Fault Tolerant computer, and developed many killer technologies and products. He setup the first X.25 network in India for Department of Telecommunications (currently BSNL & MTNL), and the first Java Competency Centre in India. He engineered the Network Management System for Queen’s Award winning PDMX. He setup many IDC (India Development Centre) and built many successful start-ups. 
Asoke built wireless technology and content company Cellnext that defined the mobile Web and mobile content in India; also, helped Tyfone to build its mobile payment and SD-card based NFC Credit card products as a start-up. 
Asoke is the co-founder of InterpretOmics a leading Statistical & Computational Quantitative Biology company engaged in Omic sciences service and product development. 
Asoke is recipient of many international awards for innovation and professional excellence including All India Radio/Doordarshan Award, ICIM Professional Excellence Award, ICL Excellence Award, IBM Solutions Excellence Award, Simagine GSMWorld Award etc. Asoke has been listed in “Who’s Who in the World”, “Who’s Who in Science and Engineering”, and “Outstanding Scientists of 21st Century”. He published about 50 technical research papers, authored two popular textbooks, edited three books, and authored book chapters. 
Asoke did M.Sc Physics with Biophysics major and Ph.D (Computer Science & Engineering). He was the DaimlerChrysler Chair Professor at IIIT-Bangalore and Adjunct Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, NIT Warangal. Currently he is Adjunct Faculty at Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management, Gwalior; Adjunct Faculty at National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal; and Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at InterpretOmics.
Prahalad Achutharao,
MS Computer and Information Science
Prahalad drives the overall strategy and business execution for InterpretOmics. Before InterpretOmics, he was working with SETLabs, the R&D wing of Infosys Technologies, India. While at Infosys he was working in the areas of HPC and Grid Computing.
Prahalad has patents in Distributed Processing and Data Grids. Prior to this appointment, Prahalad worked with @labs at the University of Alabama and SURA (Southern University Research Association) Grid in collaboration with University of Michigan and University of Vanderbilt focusing on Grid File Systems, Authentication/Authorization and Grid Security.
Before joining @labs, Prahalad worked with Verari Systems Inc, focusing on development of methods / tools to measure performance of HPC applications. Prahalad specializes in Systems Software and High Performance / Cluster Computing (HPC) & Grid Computing. Prahalad did BE (Electrical & Electronics engineering) from Karnataka University and MS (Computer & Information Sciences) from University of Alabama at Birmingham
Sumukh Kumble
B. BiomedSci (Hons 1), MSc
Sumukh Kumble is currently at the University of Queensland (UQ) where he is pursuing a Professional Doctorate in Biotechnology under Innova Sierra Fellowship. Doctorate in Biotechnology is a unique program which incorporates the disciplines of Science and Business to serve the rapidly growing biotechnology industry. Sumukh will be commencing his professional practice in Associate Professor Stephen Mahler’s laboratory where he will be preparing a product development plan for targeted delivery of nanoparticles in the treatment of cancer. Sumukh is a high achiever and he was invited to Honours program after his Bachelor of Science in Medical Science.
Sumukh has both research and commercial expertise in the field of Biomedical Science, and he has independently established the ovarian cancer research project for the Cooperative Research Centre for Biomarker Translations at La Trobe University. During his candidature, Sumukh was entrusted with identifying ovarian cancer biomarkers using proteomics technology. His research work culminated in the identification of several biomarkers for which there were no previous reports about their implication in ovarian cancer. Sumukh’s work led to the award of the Master of Science by Research and was recognized by the Golden Key International Honour’s society for academic excellence. Sumukh is an Invited Member of Golden Key and is recognised as in the top 10% of the Global Research Community in academic excellence. Sumukh is a piano and drum player. Sumukh is a Member of Biochemistry Society and a Member of AuBioTech.
Sumukh Kumble has Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) and Master Of Science by Research in Ovarian Cancer Research. Currently he is enrolled in Doctor of Biotechnology at University of Queensland.
Dr. Jyothi B.M
BDS, MDS Oral Pathology
Dr. Jyothi B.M. has research and teaching experience in the field of Oral Pathology. As a Senior Lecturer at Vydehi Institute of Dental Sciences & Research Center, Bangalore, Dr. Jyothi B.M. has authoured and co authoured publications in esteemed journals during her tenure (2012-13). Dr.Jyothi has also worked as a consultant Oral Pathologist at Denta Scan Diagnostic Center in this period. 
Dr. Jyothi B.M. completed BDS at Government Dental College & Research Institute, Bangalore (2003-08) and went on to specialise in Oral Pathology at SDM College of Dental Sciences & Hospital, Dharwad (2009-12). Her work in the field of immunohistochemical demonstration of fibrocytes and myofibroblasts in oral cancer and chronic inflammatory lesions during post graduation was well recieved by peers. 
She was awarded ‘the Best Outgoing student for the year’ award in 2008 on completion of BDS. She was also the 7th rank holder for the academic year of 2011-2012 for MDS Oral Pathology, conferred by the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. 
Dr. Jyothi also has an extensive clinical experience in the field of General Dentistry from the Internship (2007-08) at Government Dental College which comprised of rigorous postings at various hospitals in Bangalore including posting at the Bangalore Cental Prison. Additionally, she has work experience from employment at Private Dental Clinics.
Dr. Jyothi is a member of Karnataka State Dental Council, Australian Dental Association and Aus Biotech. Jyothi is an art enthusiast. 
Dr. Jyothi is currently based in Brisbane, Australia. 
Krittika Sasmal,
M.Sc Biochemistry 
Krittika did her Bachelor of Scince from Presidency College Kolkata and her Masters from University of Calcutta in Biochemistry. Worked in areas of Plant Biotechnology at IICB, Kolkata, and Cancer immunology for elucidating the role of Prolactin Receptor (PRL) in Breast cancer. She has research experience (Research Fellow) in Molecular Immulogy with focus on implementing pathogen derived protein signaling of Toll Like Receptors (TLR) on vaccine development at NICED, Kolkata. Has exposure to and handled huge amount of Next Generation Sequence data, particularly in areas of Genome Assembly, Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analysis, Genome wide Enrichment and Location analysis (ChIP-seq), Transcriptomics and Protein modeling and dynamics. While in Interpretomics, she made substantial contribution to the design and development the versatile IOMICS data analysis platform. She has worked closely with a number of reputed institutes in India and abroad on challenging bioinformatic