Chef Karan Berry

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Hotel Management

Passionate culinarian with a blend of industry & academic experience of 12 years, Chef Karan is a UGC NET Qualified Assistant Professor at Shoolini School of Hospitality & Hotel Management. He specializes in teaching Food Production Operations & Food Science. Has graduated from the prestigious IHM-Pusa, New Delhi. He also has a post graduation in M.Sc. (HMCTT) & MTM. Chef Karan has published several research papers pertaining to Hospitality, Gastronomy & Tourism in renowned International Journals. Ready to publish a book titled "The Chef- A Guide to becoming a Culinary Master" for aspiring Chefs & novices.

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  2. Berry, Karan. (2014). Progress and emerging issues in culinary tourism-A study with special
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  4. Berry, Karan. (2015). Growing popularity of convenience food market in India: Identifying the
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  7. Berry, Karan. (2016). Unhealthy eating practices: Identification of contributing factors amongst the youth in Shimla. Artha-Journal of Social Sciences ISSN: 0975-329X, Volume 15, Issue 4.

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