BBA in Rural Management

Rural Management is one of the most in-demand and booming areas of specialization when it comes to choosing one of the many management courses available. It is the study of planning, organizing, directing and controlling agri-businesses, rural areas and cooperatives. CSR management, rural marketing, society and polity are some of the areas in which people work after BBA in rural management. Many professionals also opt to work with the government in this field. It is a sector with promising growth and opportunities leading to the development of rural India

A degree in BBA Rural Management has huge opportunities

India’s rural economy has vast potential for development through micro, social and innovative enterprises. Higher Education Institutions need to contribute in this rural socio-economic transformation through capacity building and human resource development in critical areas of market linkages, rural entrepreneurship, rural technology development, microfinance, livelihoods and skill development, natural resources management, management of agriculture and technical assistance in the areas of health, education, management of village administration, sanitation and infrastructure development.

Thus, Shoolini University’s three-year BBA program in rural management developed with a multidisciplinary approach will equip the student to tap emerging and growing opportunities in the public and private domains of rural sector.

This program will cover principles of management and core subjects will provide students with analytical, decision making and interpersonal skills. While the curriculum in first year will be similar to that of a management course, the context and focus would be rural.

This program stands out for its rural engagement, in-depth rural field exposure, duration and frequency. It has four components of field engagement and learning opportunities for students, covering a Government Organization, an NGO and a commercial rural enterprise like a cooperative or social business enterprise. With Shoolini’s very strong backbone in online education, students will get access to vast online repositories through libraries and other digital media, and get exposed to successful and not so successful case studies and experiences in the ways that were unimaginable earlier.

Course Overview

Course Name

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Rural Management


The minimum eligibility for pursuing BBA Rural Management is 12th from a recognized educational Board with a minimum aggregate score of 50%. Final selection at Shoolini University is through a faculty interview.

Admission Criteria

By merit of qualifying examination


3 years

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Course significance and need

Our generation is at the crossroads of a major natural resource crunch. In future, it will get difficult to sustain this burgeoning population. Nature has always been kind to provide bountiful resources through a natural cycle of creation, destruction and replenishment. However, despite having learnt to utilize these natural resources through science and technology, humankind is falling prey to over-usage of resources. The key to reversing this damage is facilitating the completion of natural cycles and restoring nature’s balance.

This task needs a large, trained cadre of innovative thinkers to work at district level. Technology is making traditional jobs redundant and non-attractive. A degree in Rural Management has the potential to provide fulfilling, well-paying livelihoods and holds the promise to a livable future.

The student who chooses this line of study is opting into not just a career, but a healthy living for themselves and for society. BBA in Rural Management will empower today’s youth to leave an indelible mark on the sands of time.

Job opportunities

The aim of the program is to produce graduates who can perform a range of tasks and can be employed in development-oriented careers with specific focus on rural development. These include job profiles such as policy analysts and planners, programme coordinators, managers or officials in both government and private organizations, trainers, researchers and consultants in training and research institutions, NGOs, CBOs and other rural institutions, including managers in Microfinance institutions (MFIs).

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