BBA Data Analytics

BBA Data Analytics is a 4-year program at Shoolini University that brings together knowledge of analytical skills and business management. The candidates get a holistic understanding of data science and develop cross-functional management skills.

This especially designed program helps students convert data into better business decisions. It builds the perfect foundation for a career in data science with an enhanced management curriculum that works on a unique model where we collaborate with the academia and industry. 

Data Scientists can interpret a lot of data, analyse and extract insights from it. They can efficiently clean, process, and interpret data using machine learning as well as statistical and mathematical techniques. Advanced data modelling processes are designed using prototypes, custom analysis, ML algorithms, and predictive models. 

The data science industry is booming and there is always demand for professionals who are experts in their chosen field. Shoolini University prepares candidates to face all challenges and rise in the global arena.

Recognised and award-winning members of the industry and academic have shaped the BBA Data Science program at Shoolini University. 

Shoolini University is UGC Approved and NAAC Accredited.


  • Ranked among ‘Top 65 Business Schools of India’ (NIRF) 
  • Summer internships to prepare students for placements 
  • Stanford-based SPRINT program to develop soft skills to thrive in a competitive workplace
  • Illustrious faculty from top national, international institutions
  • Educational tours to industries and institutions 
  • Extensive use of modern teaching methodologies
  • Emphasis on skills and creative abilities of students through ‘Add-on Modules’ 
  • Student Management Club, ‘The Invincible’ for overall development of students


BBA Data Analytics Career Opportunities

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Application Architect
  • Statistician 

Semester-I Sr. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
1 Business Organisation and Management 3 Core
2 Legal aspects of business (Business Law) 3 Core
3 Living in the Digital Age 3 Foundation
4 Micro Economics 4 Core
5 Financial Accounting 4 Core
6 Aptitude Development 001 1 Life Skills
7 English Writing Seminar 001 1 Life Skills
8 SPRINT 001 1 Life Skills
  Total 20  
Semester-II Sr. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
1 Foundations of Data Science 2 Foundation
2 Aptitude Development 002 1 Life Skills
3 English Writing Seminar 002 1 Life Skills
4 SPRINT 002 1 Life Skills
5 Emotional Intelligence 2 Core
6 Principles of Creativity and Innovation  3 Foundation
7 Say it with Presentations  3 Foundation
8 Organisational Behaviour-Know your People 3 Core
9 Basic Statistics 3 Foundation
10 Macro Economics 3 Core
11 Fundamentals of Data Science 3 Core
  Total 25  
Exit with a Certificate after completing 40 credits
Semester-III Sr. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
1 Entrepreneurship  3 Core
2 Financial Management  4 Core
3 Data Base Management System 4 Core
4 Aptitude Development 003 1 Life Skills
5 English Writing Seminar 003 1 Life Skills
6 SPRINT 003 1 Life Skills
7 MINOR 4 Minor
8 MINOR 4 Minor
  Total 22  
Semester-IV Sr. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
1 Problem solving with Programming 3 Core
2 Business Ethics and Values 4 Core
3 Income tax and Law Practices 4 Core
4 Aptitude Development 004 1 Life Skills
5 English Writing Seminar 004 1 Life Skills
6 SPRINT 004 1 Life Skills
7 MINOR 4 Minor
8 MINOR 4 Minor
  Total 22  
Exit with a Diploma after completing 85 credits
Semester-V Sr. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
1 Data Analysis and Visualisation 4 Core
2 Fundamentals of Python Programming 4 Core
3 Department Elective-I/ Any other cluster course 3 Core Elective
4 Research-I 4 Core
5 MINOR 4 Minor
6 Aptitude Development 005 1 Life Skills
7 English Writing Seminar 005 1 Life Skills
8 SPRINT 005 1 Life Skills
  Total 22  
Semester-VI Sr. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
1 Department Elective-II/ Any other Cluster Course 3 Core Elective
2 Research methodology 3 Core 
3 Department Elective-III/ Any other Cluster Course 3 Core Elective
4 Research-II 4 Core
5 MINOR 4 Minor
6 Aptitude Development 006 1 Life Skills
7 English Writing Seminar 006 1 Life Skills
8 SPRINT 006 1 Life Skills
  Total 20  
Exit with 3-year degree after completing 127 credits
Semester VII Sr. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
1 Minor-VII / Any Online Course 4 Minor
2 Sprint- 007/ Online option 2 Life Skills
3 Apprenticeship/ Research work 10 Life Skills
  Total 16  
Exit with 3-year degree after completing 127 credits
Semester VIII Sr. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
1 Minor-VIII/ Any Online Course 4 Minor
2 Sprint-008/ Community Research Project 2 Life Skills
3 Research Paper  3 Life Skills
4 Patent/ Design/ Copyright 2 Life Skills
5 Research Dissertation 10 Life Skills
    Total 21  
Total Credits: 20+25+22+22+22+20+16+21=168  
Research Degree with Hons : Total Credits: 168

Atul Khosla
Atul KhoslaProfessor
Munish Sahrawat
Munish SahrawatProfessor
Mukesh Goswami
Mukesh GoswamiProfessor
Kesari Singh
Kesari SinghProfessor
Pooja Verma
Pooja VermaAssociate Professor
Amar Rao
Amar RaoAssociate Professor
Varsha Patil
Varsha PatilAssistant Professor
Kamal Kant Vashisth
Kamal Kant VashisthAssociate Professor
Ankit Shukla
Ankit ShuklaAssistant Professor
Vijay Kumar
Vijay KumarAssistant Professor
Rozy Dhanta
Rozy DhantaAssistant Professor
Ashoo Khosla
Ashoo KhoslaAssociate Professor
Vinay Negi
Vinay NegiAssistant Professor
Pardeep Sharma
Pardeep SharmaProfessor
Sanjeev Kumar Singh
Sanjeev Kumar SinghAssociate Professor
Neeraj Chaudhry
Neeraj ChaudhryProfessor
Vividha Gurung
Vividha GurungAssistant Professor
Pradeep Sharma
Pradeep SharmaProfessor
Partha Chakraborty
Partha ChakrabortyProfessor
Saamdu Chettri
Saamdu ChettriProfessor
Sugandhi Ranote

Sugandhi Ranote

I got ample industry exposure at Shoolini University through participation in projects & live assignments. By enhancing my leadership skills and being meticulous in my approach, I got a Gold medal & got placed at VARITE India. 

Ayush Bahuguna, BBA (Entrepreneurship) ​

Ayush Bahuguna, BBA (Entrepreneurship) ​

I am incredibly satisfied with the program. The campus life was fantastic, but nothing compared to the invaluable industry exposure. I gained firsthand knowledge of real-world business challenges. Our faculty members consistently encouraged us to think creatively and devise innovative solutions. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to aspiring entrepreneurs.​

Aman Thakur, BBA (Aviation) ​

Aman Thakur, BBA (Aviation) ​

Choosing the BBA Aviation program at Shoolini was one of the best decisions I made. The well-structured curriculum provided a perfect blend of practical experience and business knowledge. The paid internships not only added a fun element but also expanded my professional network. I recommend the program to anyone with aspirations to thrive in the Aviation industry.​

Frequently Asked Questions

Shoolini University has a dedicated and proactive Placement Cell, which coordinates to give a foothold to students in the industry, higher education and entrepreneurship. The School of Business Management conducts regular campus placements for students. Our students secure top placements with excellent pay packages in reputed companies, such as Genpact, ICICI, Marsh & Mclennan, C-Step, Toyota, Airtel, Tata Hitachi, HDFC Bank, Oberoi, Abacus O shore from Seychelles, Religare India, Infoline and many more.

What is the accreditation of BBA Data Science program?

This course at Shoolini University is approved by HPPERC and has UGC certification.

Shoolini provides world-class infrastructure facilities to its students. The campus has more than 104 labs and innovative e-studios. It provides high-speed Internet, Ethernet, whiteboards and lightboards. Students have 24X7 access to EBSCO Online library with over one million publications. It is A+++ Rated Business School by Go Education, the best upcoming Private Business School in India by ASSOCHAM, and ranked 5th B School in Research Writing by Go Education.

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Course Details

  • Eligibility: 10+2 (in any stream) with minimum 55% marks

  • Admission Criteria: CUET/NEET/JEE/ SAT or Shoolini University's multiple choice entrance test (SU-SAT)

  • Duration: 4 Years

  • Fee Structure

    Semester Fee : 75000