BA (Hons) Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Liberal Arts is a four-year UGC-recognised program at Shoolini University. It gives students the flexibility to study a range of subjects (such as English, History, Political Science, Philosophy) with a focus on one subject. This program presents challenges that improve creative thinking, problem-solving, interpersonal and communication skills among scholars.

Believing that the world of education comprises not just the hard sciences but also the arts, humanities and social sciences, the BA Program caters to the needs of students looking for a humanistic perspective on life. This provides various career opportunities to graduates, who are much sought-after for their ability to communicate well, meet challenges in the workplace, remain flexible, and maintain high analytical skills.

This 4-year degree will be a stepping stone for those interested in higher education. Students can also advance their careers in Civil Services and prepare for competitive exams. Additionally, the program benefits those interested in the corporate sector, media, or journalism, helping them build a solid knowledge base, and providing the essential subject knowledge required to pursue a career in public life.

After completing a BA program, candidates can pursue a Master of Arts (MA), Bachelor’s in Education (BEd), Diploma programs, and Masters in Business Administration (MBA), among others. Candidates who want to make a career as a teacher can opt for a BEd program after completing their BA degree.

Candidates also become eligible for government exams after completing their BA program.


  • Economics & Finance
  • Sanskrit
  • Hindi
  • Theology
  • Sociology
  • Philosophy
  • Public Policy and Administration

BA (Hons) Liberal Arts Career Opportunities

  • Content Writer
  • Social Worker
  • Hospitality Industry
  • HR Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Primary School Teacher
  • Marketing Manager
  • Computer Operator
  • Customer Service Representative (CSR)

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