BTech Nanotechnology

BTech Nanotechnology is a 4-year program at Shoolini University. The cutting-edge curriculum provides an understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological principles in the multi-disciplinary field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. It develops skills on the synthesis of nanomaterials and fabrication of micro and nano-structures, provides in-depth knowledge of advanced nanoscale characterisation techniques and develops analytical abilities. In addition, students acquire professional, scientific research, and computational skills for employment in industries, research and development centres and institutions of higher education. 

Upon the completion of the program, graduates are ready to take on individual and teamwork responsibilities in a multidisciplinary environment. They can apply their knowledge in the domain of nanotechnology in industry and research with competence and get lucrative salaries across various sectors in different roles. 

The faculty for BTech Nanotechnology comes from leading Indian and global universities such as Oxford, NIH, NCI, Johns Hopkins Medical School, IISc, JNU, DU, and ZSI. Many faculty members have received grants from national and international funding agencies. 

BTech Nanotechnology (4 years) at Shoolini University has UGC certification.



  • Illustrious faculty from top Indian & global universities
  • Research-oriented environment
  • Nanotechnology labs for experimental study 
  • Hands-on training at collaborating research institutes
  • International exchange opportunities 


Research Opportunities

  • Nanomaterial-based sensors
  • Energy storage devices
  • Nanomaterials for environmental applications

Career Opportunities in BTech Nanotechnology

  • Applications Engineer
  • Holography & Optics Technician
  • Optical Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • R&D Executive
  • Research Scientist

1 Basic Mathematics 3 Foundation Course
2 Functional English-I 3 Foundation Course
3 Logic and Critical Thinking 3 Foundation Course
4 Engineering Physics 3 Core
5 Sprint - I 1 Skill courses
6 Minor-1 4 Minor
7 Minor-2 4 Minor
Total 21  
Semester II 1 Computer Skills - Present and Future  3 Foundation Course
2 Functional English -II 3 Foundation Course
3 Materials Science 3 Core
4 Concepts of Chemistry 3 Core
5 SPRINT-II 1 Skill courses
6 Minor-1 4 Minor
7 Minor-2 4 Minor
Total 21  
Semester III 1 Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 3 Foundation
2 Surafce Chemistry of nanomaterials 3 Core
3 Thermodynamics of nanomaterials 3 Core
4 Nano fabrication Lab-I 2 Skill courses
5 Synopsis 2 Skill courses
6 Sprint III 1 Skill courses
7 Minor-1 4 Minor
8 Minor-2 4 Minor
Total 22  
Semester IV 1 Numerical methods and computational tools 3 Foundation Course
2 Bio-technolgy for Nanoscale Science 3 Core
3 Designing of nanomaterials 3 Core
4 Characterizations and instrumentation for nanomaterials 3 Core
5 Project & Seminar-I 4 Skill courses
6 Sprint-IV 1 Skill courses
7 Minor-1 4 Minor
8 Minor-2 4 Minor
Total  26  
Semester V 1 Basic Statistics 3 Foundation Course
2 Quantum Mechanics and Nanotechnology 3 Core
3 Nanotechnology for environment applications 3 Core
4 Project and Seminar -II 4 Skill courses
5 Sprint-V 2 Skill courses
6 Minor-1 4 Minor
Total  19  
Semester VI 1 Nanotoxicology and safety 3 Core
2 Nanotechnology for Industry 3 Core
3 Functional and smart materials 3 Core
4 Nanosensors and Devices 3 Core
5 Project and Seminar -III 4 Skill courses
6 Sprint-VI 2 Skill courses
7 Minor-1 4 Minor
Total  22  
Semester VII 1 Advanced nano-materials and applications 3 Core
2 Minor-1 4 Minor
3 Minor-2 4 Minor
4 Sprint-VII 2 Skill courses
5 Project and Seminar -III 4 Skill courses
Total  17  
Semester VIII 1 Dissertation 10 Skill courses
2 Research Paper 2 Skill courses
3 Patent/Design/Copyright 2 Skill courses
4 Defence and Viva Voce 2 Skill courses
5 Sprint-VIII 2 Skill courses
Total  18  
Total Credits  172  

JM Julka
JM JulkaProfessor
Pardeep Singh
Pardeep SinghProfessor
Pankaj Raizada
Pankaj RaizadaAssociate Professor
Amit Kumar
Amit KumarAssociate Professor
Rachna Verma
Rachna VermaAssociate Professor
Rakesh Kumar Shukla
Rakesh Kumar ShuklaAssociate Professor
Ruhi Thakur
Ruhi ThakurAssistant Professor
Amita Kumari
Amita KumariAssistant Professor
RadhaAssistant Professor
Mamta Shandilya
Mamta ShandilyaAssistant Professor
Anirban Saha
Anirban SahaAssistant Professor
Pawan Kumar
Pawan KumarAssistant Professor
Pooja Dhiman
Pooja DhimanAssistant Professor
Rohit Jasrotia
Rohit JasrotiaAssistant Professor
Pooja Shandilya
Pooja ShandilyaAssistant Professor
Sunil Kumar Sharma
Sunil Kumar SharmaAssistant Professor
Sunil Puri
Sunil PuriProfessor

Frequently Asked Questions

The faculty members for BTech Nanotechnology come from leading Indian and global universities such as Oxford, NIH, NCI, Johns Hopkins Medical School, IISc, JNU, and DU. Many faculty members have received grants from national and international funding agencies.

What are the future opportunities after completing BTech Nanotechnology from Shoolini University?

After a BTech in Nanotechnology from Shoolini University, you can pursue exciting opportunities in research and development, the semiconductor industry and materials science. Graduates can work in industries like Electronics/Semiconductor, Textile, Auto and Aerospace Industries, Biotechnology, Medical Fields and Pharmaceuticals, Food Science, Forensic, and Research Industries. Additionally, nanotech graduates can also pursue their Master’s Degree from Shoolini University.

Shoolini University provides various opportunities for industry experience. Students go on 6-month-long internships in reputed organisations to gain industry exposure. Industrial visits are also a part of the curriculum, where students visit top companies for hands-on experience.

Yes, practical training is an integral part of BTech Nanotechnology program at Shoolini University. The curriculum includes laboratory sessions, research projects, internships, and training programs that offer hands-on experience. Shoolini has 104+ advanced labs for conducting high-impact research.

Shoolini University provides excellent placement opportunities for BTech Nanotechnology graduates in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, biotechnology, and materials science. The university has collaborations with numerous national and international organisations that offer job placements, internships, and research opportunities to the students.

Yes, Shoolini University has a strong alumni network. The university has an active alumni association that helps connect graduates, faculty members, and current students. The alumni network provides a platform for networking, mentorship, and career guidance, helping build long-term relationships.

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Course Details

  • Eligibility: 10+2 with any of the three following subjects — physics /mathematics / chemistry / computer science / electronics / information technology / biology / informatics practices / biotechnology / technical vocational subject / agriculture / engineering graphics / business studies / entrepreneurship and minimum 60% marks

  • Admission Criteria: CUCET/NEET/JEE/ SAT or Shoolini University's multiple choice entrance test, and faculty interaction

  • Duration: 4 years

  • Semester Fee

    Himachal Pradesh Domicile : 72500
    Others : 80000

Admissions Open: 2023

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