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Applied Sciences & Biotechnology Faculty

School of Biotechnology
Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. D.R. Sharma Professor of Eminence Ph.D. , Post Doc.
2 Dr. Anuradha Sourirajan   Professor Ph.D., Post Doc.
3 Dr. Kamal Dev  Professor Ph.D., Post Doc.  
4 Dr. Sourabh Kulshreshtha Professor Ph.D., Post Doc. GATE
5 Dr Reena Vohra   Associate Professor Ph.D., Post Doc. NET
6 Dr. Azhar Khan  Assistant Professor Ph.D., Post Doc.
7 Dr. Anshul Sharma    Assistant Professor Ph.D. NET
8 Dr. Astha Tripathi  Assistant Professor Ph.D. 
9 Dr. Chandrika Attri Seth  Assistant Professor Ph.D.
10 Dr Vikas Kumar Assistant Professor Ph.D.,NET
11 Ms Chandresh Kumari               Assistant Professor M.Sc., Ph.D. (Pursuing)
12 Dr Nitika Thakur Assistant Professor Ph.D. NET
13 Mr Neeraj Pizar               Assistant Professor M.A.English,NET
14 Ms. Rajni Sharma Assistant Professor  MCA
15 Dr Shikha Srivastava Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Bio-Medical Sciences) NET. GATE
16 Dr Pradeep Kumar Post-Doc Fellow-cum-Assistant Professor Ph.D.(Biotechnology)
17 Dr Sonali Khanduja Kalra Assistant Professor Ph.D.(Microbiology)
18 Dr Suman Bhandary Assistant Professor Ph.D.(Microbiology), GATE
19 Dr Satish Kumar Pandey Assistant Professor  Ph.D., Post Doc.
20 Mr Henok Gulilat Azalework Teaching Assistant M.Sc.(Ethopia), Ph.D. (Pursuing)

1 Dr. Y.S. Negi Professor (Agriculture) Ph.D. (Agriculture Economics, USA)
2 Dr. G.K. Sharma Professor (Agriculture) Ph.D.(Agriculture / Forestry)
3 Dr. Somesh Sharma  Associate Professor Ph.D. ,NET (Horticulture)
4 Dr Aniruddha Mitra                  Associate Professor Ph.D. (Entomology)
5 Dr Ibajanai Kurbah Assistant Professor (Agriculture) Ph.D. (Soil Science),NET
6 Dr Lobzang Stanzen Assistant Professor (Agriculture) Ph.D.(Agronomy)                  
7 Dr Ashwani Kumar Assistant Professor (Agriculture) Ph.D.(Genetics and Plant Breeding)                 
8 Dr Parvani Sharma Assistant Professor (Agriculture Extension Education) Ph.D.(Agriculture Extension Education)
 School of Bio-engineering and Food Technology
1 Dr V.K. Joshi Professor  Ph.D.
2 Dr. Dinesh Kumar    Professor Ph.D.
3 Dr. Adesh Kumar Saini   Professor Ph.D., Post Doc.
4 Dr. Amit Seth   Assistant Professor  Ph.D., NET
5 Mr. Ankur Kushal Assistant Professor M.Tech., Ph.D. (Pursuing)
6 Ms. Shagun Gupta  Assistant Professor  M.Sc., Ph.D. (Pursuing)
7 Mr. Rupak Nagraik    Assistant Professor M.Tech. , Ph.D. (Pursuing), NET
8 Dr. P. K. Chauhan   Assistant Professor Ph.D. 
9 Dr Ravinder Kaushik  Assistant Professor Ph.D. ,NET
10 Mr Rahul Thory Assistant Professor M.Sc. , Ph.D. (Pursuing), NET
11 Mr Mukul Kumar                   Assistant Professor M.Tech., Ph.D. (Pursuing)
12 Dr Ashok K. Pathera Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Food Technology) NET
13 Ms Rosey Dhanta Assistant Professor M.A.,PGDPM & LW, Diploma in Computer, Ph.D. Pursuing
14 Mr Shikhar Sharma Assistant Professor MBA
15 Mr. Suresh Kumar  Assistant Professor M.Sc.(IT),PGDCA,BA,One Year Hort. Management