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Deepali Anand

Hi, I am Deepali Anand , 3 years ago when I joined this university I had enrolled as a b.com student . As the degree went on I could see that I would soon be getting great career opportunities. It feels good to be a part of this university as it has helped me in building my personality as well as my communication skills . These skills will certainly help me in my career future. As I have just got placed in a global organization GENPACT I would like to thank Shoolini university of Biotechnology and Management Sciences for giving me a wonderful platform and launch pad for my career progression so friends this has been my memorable and successful journey at Shoolini university of Biotechnology and Management Sciences. My Shoolini has certainly been my success. Thank you.

Banita Sharma

"It's been a great experience to study in Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences. Whenever I look back and recapitulate my memories of studying here for two years I really feel satisfied and proud. Shoolini does not provide merely a degree but it provides an overall growth to the students. As far as placements are concerned, so I am happy that I am going to join one of the leading private Indian Banks i.e. HDFC and its all because of Shoolini University's Placement committee. I really look forward to contribute my maximum to the bank and be on the side of top management's desk in coming few years."

Tarun Kaul

When I first entered Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences I was anxious about my future. Over the two years so many doors were opened for our personal and academic development that I became confident. The university aims at enhancing our knowledge, skills and abilities. These years at Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences are the best years concerning learning, experience and gaining exposure to fields relevant to my discipline, all due to of my faculty members. Being the placement coordinator of MBA, I personally know about their continuous efforts in getting the right companies for the right candidates. This endeavor will lead our University to incredible heights. Last I want to thank my family and friends for their blessing that I will get opportunity to work with ICICI Securities.

Akhil Negi

My two years in Shoolini Universityof Biotechnology and Management Sciences were transformative. The university opened my eyes to the limitless educational possibilities in a diverse and healthy environment. The competency and the professionalism of the professors were nothing less than outstanding. As a student in Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences, one gets lots of knowledge and co-operation. Right from taking admission, the personal caring begins and one finds very cozy study atmosphere at Shoolini. The university also offers higher education, enabling aspirant to attain his educational goal, in a very friendly atmosphere, being provided by faculty as well as by the administrative staff. Keep progressing & lots of success.

Alisha Sharma

Three years back I joined Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences with a hope of great career. My hope turned into reality when with the full support of university I got placed in such a reputed MNC GENPACT. Shoolini has given me a great support and guidance and away towards a career. I am highly thankful to faculty whose support and corporation made us what we are today. All thanks to shoolini for making my dream come true.

Kiran Pal

My name is Kiran Pal. I did my masters in HR and Finance from Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences, Solan (Batch of 2012). It has been a memorable experience that has helped me in many ways. These two years have taught me many life skills that have helped me become the person I am today. I have always been an open minded person open to all challenges. I have always been good with people and managed to befriend variety of people irrespective of their designation or their seniority. To be honest, I have been a little notorious but in a harmless way. I have never been an ideal MBA student if that’s how we have to put it. I used to bunk a few classes, hang out in the cafeteria and prepare for semester exams at the last possible moment. Some of my teachers used to be furious at me but I managed to keep their anger at radar by passing off with decent grades. Life did seem like a cakewalk but it wasn’t. May be I realised my potential lied more with the practical aspect of a subject rather than the theoretical part. I used to engage in group activities and was very good during my internship days. I always knew I was made for HR as I was very good at managing people. I shared good rapport with my teachers and other higher staff too. Two years swished by. Then came the time to prepare for my placement interviews; all that students most eagerly await. I along with my close friends had fixed onto a good company as we wanted to work all together. Unfortunately I didn’t make it. That really shook my confidence a lot. I then believed I might never get into a good company after all. Few days later, a new company had come in to our campus. I had no confidence but my mom persuaded and I had to go. I had read about them in their website a night before. The interviewee grilled me with questions related to the energy sector and I answered them all without any expectations. And believe me it worked. Of the many people, only two were selected and I was one of them. It was one of the great companies that had come that year. Bags packed and I headed for Bangalore to open yet another chapter without a clue. During the initial few months, life wasn’t that easy as I was made a Research Analyst and was asked to work on areas I had no prior knowledge of. But slowly and steadily, I learned with a great deal of patience and made good rapport with my team members. It took me a while to understand that it is not the same as what it used to be in college days. The friends that you make are only your acquaintances and expectations often lead to disappointment. A big circle of friends is a myth and you realise that only a small trustworthy set can satisfy you to a great deal. I kept on working with an attitude to learn whatever came my way and no matter how tough that seemed to accomplish. My project got over and a report was published successfully which was my first big success. A year ago, one of the head HRs of our think-tank thought I would justify the role of an HR associate and I was given the designation that I had vouched for nearly 2 years. I am about to complete a year as I talk to you. It has been a tough but a highly enriching experience for me. To conclude without giving you guys any lecture, I would just say follow your dreams. Please do not adopt the approach that I had during my college days as the luck doesn’t strike more than twice. If my luck may have favoured me at one point, it was my pure hard work that allowed maintaining that streak. Work as hard as you can, filter your distractions away and focus on your goal. This is the right time to become whatever you used to dream as a kid. Life is not as simple as you think it is now. It might take a U-turn and you will hardly notice unless you bump into a dead end. So start right away and cherish it for a lifetime. What you prepare for now is going to earn you a medal for a lifetime. Thank you. Kiran Pal (2010-2012) HR Associate C-Step – Bangalore

Prateek Singh

MBA!!!! WOOT! What an Amazing life it was. I joined Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences School of Management Studies in 2009 and it still feels as if it’s just yesterday. The memories of all those learning experiences, those extracurricularActivities, burning Midnight Oil preparing for that Presentation is still so fresh. As I walked towards my class on first day, butterflies were fluttering in my tummy!. It's pretty common to hear people talk about their mix experience at college where people go out on their own for the first time and take big steps in figuring out who they are. That was the case for me as well but with extra delight.

I have been constantly in touch with my faculties learning about the developments and trying to be involved in whatever way I can, and am happy that Shoolini now uses the utmost art technology system equipped with the latest Infrastructure meeting the standards of world top university which is definitely going to wow you. So, what can you expect as you head off into the wonderful world of higher education at SUBMS? The First thing you will notice is the awesome studying environment, no matter whomsoever you will meet from faculty you would be embarked with an enthralling Spark. You are always encouraged to create a balance between Academics and Extra Curricular Activities.

We worked on many wonderful projects and I shouldered the responsibility of launching our College Magazine - The LAMPS , Video Creation group - WideAngle , took part in many local and national Presentations representing my college at various places , Organizing Seminars, Fests and the list is endless. The LAMPS was an initiative which brought a totally new meaning to my life, I came to know about my writing and creative skills, team management and coordination skills, and also learnt a lot about creating and launching a new product, this is what Shoolini does, it helps you identify your talents and groom them. The advice I’d give all Shoolini students is to really hone your craft while you are there as you might not get that environment and Opportunity again, and talk to professors who are supportive of you. Do get involved in your campus magazine or newspaper or other club, which not only helps you in improving your creative skills but also leadership skills, organizational skills etc. The newsletter was initially targeted towards providing everyone with information about the progress, recent achievements, and important forthcoming activities related to the MBA Department, primarily to disseminate the activities and achievements of the departments. Later on several new sections were included like Photography Competition, Article writing competition, sharing achievements of students incurred outsideetc and it all happened after lot of brainstorming within the team , sharing views, preparing the initial draft, taking feedback from faculties and learning never ended. The LAMPS is being re launched and I wish all the best to the Team. It will surely become a Lamp of knowledge and will blossom into a forum for exchange of ideas and knowledge. This is our newsletter and I am happy to learn that team is working very hard, burning midnight oil to make it the best resource center throughout the world. Prateek Singh (2009-2011 Batch) Senior Consultant Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd.

Rahul Verma

Heartfelt gratitude to my Teachers, Friends & especially to ShooliniUniversity.

It was way back in 2011, joinedShoolini with a mission to complete MBA, and vision of making a corporate career.I was having lot of expectation as those 2 years were gonna be full of fun, learning and life’s most crucial & determinant . Time spent in Shoolini with friends, teachers was best time of my life.We had our style of enjoyment and excitement, whether be it academics, sports or cultural activities.There was dilemma of whether we will pass this time in exam or not, while coming out of the examination hall we all use to say “Yaar is baar to pass naihonge”. But all our worries were laid to rest after the initial hiccups, day by day the foundation got stronger and we too became stronger. All of my batch mates and junior mates are good friends even today. Having lunch at cafeteria, sometimes at Shambubahiaya’sdhaba is just like a fresh memory in mind. Going back to home in yellow buses (especially number dus&gyarahbus´üŐ) after a tiring day was challenge in a dam dusty road heading towards Solan. I still remember me & my friends rushing to our teachers homes even at late nights for clarification of doubts and they obliged as always.Hats-off to all the professors who went out of the way to teach us other things apart from regular semester studies.

Life went on and Biz Quiz use to be fun. Sprint was a great forum to learn from guests and apply administrative skill in management games. Exams were always headache but important part of curriculum.Educational tours and various trips were the boosters to wake up us from semester long sleep. Let me tell you I was an average but hardworking student with a will to do little bit extra always. “Difference between Ordinary and extraordinary is only that bit EXTRA”. Apart from regular day to day studies took active part in placement cell activities and all those my beloved teachers always asked me to do. My only aim in life then was to complete MBA and those 2 years with lots of learning and knowledge. Thereafter to join a top notch corporate, not for a job but to make a career indeed successful career.I still believe life has just started and there is so much to learn.Life moves on and so have I, but the memories and time spent never fades as we were the students from Premium Batch. Don’t remember how two years passed and final placements arrived.

I was on the cloud nine when I got selected by one of the top core company “GENPACT”. Let me also brief you about how my professional life is going: Genpact helped me to mold into a good professional, with good managerial skills. Awards and accolades with lot of decoration in career happened as life went on. Still learning and moving ahead like a charged lion in my life and in career.

I take this opportunity to wish on behalf of all my Batch mates of 2011, they all are doing very well in whatever spheres of life and whichever part of the world they are. Just wanted to wish ALL THE BEST to all the students who are joining Shoolini and to those also who are passing out. Keep an attitude positive attitude towards life and see the magic of positivity.

Again a heartfelt thanks to Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciencesand School of Business Management to all the mellifluous and wonderful memories which are always cherished in its students hearts. Rahul Verma (2011-2013 Batch) Finance Analyst - FP&A Assistant Manager Genpact Pvt. Ltd.