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Real life hero wows Shoolinians

It was a momentous day for the students and staff of Shoolini University when real life hero, Brig K S Chandpuri (retd), recipient of the second highest gallantry award, the Mahavir Chakra, visited the campus and gave a first hand account of the Battle of Longewala.

Brig Chandpuri, who was in the rank of a Major during the 1971 war with Pakistan, led a small unit of 120 soldiers without armoured support at the critical Post of Longewala. In the wake of a massive attack from Pakistan; comprising 3,500 soldiers, over 50 battle tanks and hundreds of other military vehicles, he and his men held back the attack for several hours before the Indian Air Force and reinforcements forced the Pakistan army to retreat.

The war hero gave a heart stopping account of how he and his men held on despite almost certain death. He said he was given the option by his seniors to withdraw from the post but he and his men decided to stay back and fight. Recalling the decision to fight, he said he told his men that anyone who tries to run away would be shot and asked them to kill him as well if he was seen leaving the battle field.

The gallantry displayed by him and his men was later depicted in the Bollywood movie ‘Border’ in which film star Sunny Deol portrayed his character. The film continues to be among the top 10 hindi films for its popularity and earnings. Vice Chancellor Prof P K Khosla, Pro Vice Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla and senior faculty besides hundreds of students heard his amazing story with rapt attention.

Later, he interacted with students and answered their questions on the various aspects of the 1971 war. He was provided a standing ovation and his inspiring speech was repeatedly greeted with clapping. The Vice Chancellor said that it was a great day for the University and thanked Brig Chandpuri for his offer to visit again and guide students who wished to join the armed forces.