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SPRINT program encourages skill development among students

Shoolini University hosted a SPRINT program for its B.Tech students, where students of the 3rd and 5th semester participated in the program. The main focus of the program was to encourage the participating students to hone and sharpen their communication skills, along with recognizing and building the right attitude in different work areas and job roles.

The university aims to provide a well-rounded educational program to students of different streams. A communication and attitude program was deemed necessary for students from an engineering background to help them chart a successful career in the field. Since communication is an essential part of any industry, this Sprint program helped students gain new insights into a very important soft skill. Similarly, the program also covered another ubiquitous work skill – the employees’ attitude. Students discussed the importance of learning and honing the right attitude at a work place and were taught about the importance of attitude in terms of team work and personal goals.

A ‘clean up’ campaign was another part of the Sprint program. Over 400 students from the university came together and cleaned up a rivulet located near the campus. Since taking care of the environment in the immediate vicinity is the responsibility of the community as a whole as well as that of every single person, students were encouraged to do their part and set an example for the community. The students cleaned up the area surrounding the university apart from the rivulet.