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Shoolini Launches Free Online Program on Water Resource Management

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology at Shoolini University has organized an online outreach programme on Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Water Resource Management from May 22 to June 9, 2017. The university cordially invites working professionals as well as students to come and contribute to the cause. This programme is a part of university’s association with Institute of ISRO’s (IIRS) outreach programme. Working professionals as well as students can be a part of the programme. All participants will receive certificates upon successful completion of the programme.

Water resource management is a growing global concern and many scientists are advocating Remote Sensing and GIS technologies as a solution. The programme being held at Shoolini University will help to understand how these technologies can be used. Available to participants online, this outreach programme is free of cost and will be a 1.5-hour webinar from 4 pm to 5:30 pm on all days of the programme. Participants with an attendance of succeeding to submit assignments and ensuring 70% attendance in the program will be awarded with a distinct certificate. 

Following is a list of lecture topics to be delivered during the program:

1. Overview of RS &GIS Application in Water Resource Management

2. Hydrological Parameter Estimation using RS & GIS

3. Digital Elevation Model (DEM) hydro-processing Watershed Characterization

4. Hydrological Modeling with Geospatial Inputs

5. Snow/Glacier Mapping, Monitoring and Snow Melt Runoff Model

6. Soil erosion and Sediment modeling, Watershed Prioritization and Conservation Planning

7. Waterbody Mapping, Water Quality and Reservoir Sedimentation Assessment using Remote Sensing

8. Application of Geospatial Technique in Irrigation Water Management

9. Mapping, Monitoring of Hydro-meteorological Disasters and Damage Assessment

10. Flood Modeling and Early Warning Systems

11. Ground Water Prospects Zonation

12. Site Sustainability Analysis for Water Resource Projects and Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)

13. Urban Hydrological studies using Geospatial inputs

14. Climate and Land Use Land Cover Change Impact on Water Resources

15. Integrated Water Resources Management