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Shoolini’s Language Lab

Shoolini University has been running an innovative Language Lab at its Yogananda Knowledge Centre since November 25, 2016.

The language lab is well equipped with different audio - visual facilities to foster language earning in a fun, creative environment. The highlights of the lab include an exciting language software called ‘Duolingo,’ which is a language learning application that can be downloaded on mobile phones too and six desktops and three tablets. This makes the software accessible at any place at any given time, making language learning a constant process. The software provides user access to about 30 languages, which include online classroom discussions, tests, worksheets and assignments. Students can communicate with millions of other users across the world using this application.

Additionally, students can also view the curriculum for each language and choose from the three levels of learning - basic, intermediate and advanced - based on their language proficiency levels.

Ms. Prachi Kapil is currently the certified educator from Duolingo who runs the language lab.  

There are currently 65 students enrolled for lessons German and 15 students for English in the lab.

Since the students of Shoolini University have access to the Duolingo app on their phones, many have self-enrolled themselves for lessons in French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and many other languages.

Other facilities of the Language Lab include a white board marker and a projector for classroom discussions and presentations, headphones for intensive study sessions and a layout that encourages student-teacher interactions.  

The Language Lab at Shoolini focusses on the overall development of a student’s mind by exposing the students to new languages and cultures. The lab facilitates learning of new languages in a conducive environment, under the guidance of an expert tutor.