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Guru Series: ex-Harvard talent Heather Wallick inspires the students

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Guru Series: ex-Harvard talent Heather Wallick inspires the students

Former Harvard University employee for 12 years, Ms. Heather Wallick visited Shoolini University recently. During her visit, Ms. Wallick interacted with senior faculty at the university and also spoke as part of the Guru series of talks. She guided engineering students on pursuing higher studies in foreign universities.

Ms. Wallick now runs her own company named Wallick Consulting and provides services such as administrative planning, outside resource building, time management, resource allocation, budgeting, sourcing and business management to various institutions. She is guiding the university as an expert in education to help develop an international campus and curriculum. The University has the vision to be among the top 200 global universities by 2022.

Shoolini University believes that her educational consulting will be highly valuable to give the campus an international image, thus encouraging better collaboration with foreign universities. She will also be guiding the new Law faculty set up at the university since she has worked as the Assistant Director of Admission and Financial Aid for the Graduate Program at Harvard Law School in the past.