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Shoolini signs Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with University of La Verne

To strengthen the foot in the global education industry, Shoolini University signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University LA Verne USA. The MoU was signed between Dr. Ibrahim Helou, Dean, University LA Verne and Prof. Pk Khosla, VC, Shoolini University, last week. 

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Shoolini University hosts World Food Prize Laureate Prof Howrth Bouis

Wednesday marked an historic day for Shoolini University as three top scientists from diverse fields had gathered at the university. The scientists included a World Food Prize winner, a Russian nanotechnology expert and top Indian medical scientist.

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Inter Department Cultural Competition at Shoolini

Like every year, the Inter Department Cultural Competition was held at the University campus last week. The School of Pharmacy stole the evening with their mind-blowing performances. Akanksha's perfect singing, Priyanka's graceful and lithe movements on the beats of hip hop various songs and Navneet sir's incredible “Monica oh my darling” dance mesmerized the audience.

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Shoolini Students Volunteered Khushwant Singh Literary Festival 2016

The students of Shoolini University got an excellent opportunity to attend the internationally acclaimed Khushwant Singh Literary Festival held at Kasauli from 14-16thOctober 2016.

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Foundation Day Celebrated at Shoolini

Shoolini University celebrated its Foundation Day on 16th October. The occasion was marked on an auspicious note. Like every year, a puja followed by a ‘havan’ was performed in the premises of the University Temple Complex.

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Inter School Cultural Competition

It is that time of the year at Shoolini University, when the students and staff come together for displaying their prowess on the stage.

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Care n Share Continues to Thrive at Shoolini

Students of the Care N Share project embarked on a new activity by organizing basic Yoga classes for the senior citizens of Solan. The initial drill was done by Ms. Preeti, student of Shoolini who excels in yoga.

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Shoolini University Visits the Leadership Summit in Chandigarh

The “Leadership Summit & Awards & Industry Academia Interface-Bridging Skill Gap” was held at Chandigarh on 15th October 2016 at The Lalit, IT Park, Chandigarh. The event was organized by ASSOCHAM Chandigarh

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The Global Handwash Day Celebrated by the Students of Shoolini University

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, with this in mind, students of Shoolini University actively participated in the “Global Handwash Day” organized by the District Rural Development Agency Solan on 15th October 2016

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Guest House Inaugurated at the Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences

The most awaited Shoolini Guest House was finally inaugurated and opened for the visitors of the university.

With smart use of stone and wood, the guest house is built beautifully with a perfect blend modern infrastructure that entirely gels into the environment. The guest house has three bedrooms plus a separate lounge, study and dining area. Located near the Yogananda Knowledge Centre, this home-like space offers breathtaking view of the library complex and the temple area. The luxurious two floor facility boasts all modern amenities that any guest might need during their stay at Shoolini.

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