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3rd COUNSELLING FOR M PHARMA on June 10th 2010

The 3rd counselling for M.Pharma (Research Aptitude Test & Interview) shall be held on June 10th, 2010 at (11 AM) at the university campus at Bajhol. Interested candidates are required to report at SILB Solan at 9.30 AM on the same day as the arrangement for their transportation shall be made from there to the campus at Bajhol....

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2nd COUNSELLING FOR B TECH courses on 09th June 2010

2nd Counselling for the students of B Tech shall be held on June 09th, 2010 (11 A.M.) at the university campus Bajhol. All the interested candidates should report at 9.30 AM at SILB and arrangement for their transportation will be made....

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Vandana Shiva chats up with students at Shoolini University

Vandana Shiva visited the Shoolini University campus recently. She spoke to the students about the relevance of organic foods, the debate about patents, and about Navdanya. While the students were over awed by the skills of the orator, Shiva was impressed with the campus.

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Hon’ble Chief Minister of HP inaugurates India’s First Biotechnology University

Solan, 11th April, 2010. Prof Prem Kumar Dhumal, Hon’ble chief minister of Himachal Pradesh inaugurated India’s First Biotechnology University, Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences. Shri ID Dhiman, Hon’ble Minister of Education, HP; Shri Rajeev Bindal, Hon’ble Minister of Health and Ayurveda ...

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