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At Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences, we strive to give our students a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Towards that end, we have aesthetically and thoughtfully created state-of-the-art infrastructure to enhance your learning experience. Situated in the Shimla Hills and located amidst pine trees, the campus has sylvan and serene surroundings. Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences has 52,045 sq metre of built campus that is spread over 20 acres. The campus lies at Bajhol, which is 15 km from Solan, 54 km from Chandigarh and 18 km from Dharampur. The buildings here sample hill architecture of the state of Himachal Pradesh.

The fun filled and friendly atmosphere of the university can be witnessed in the classroom and extracurricular activities of all schools. The university has a Wi-Fi campus along with a leased-line, radio-based 24x7 internet connectivity. The computer labs offer thin client technology with IBM servers that support both Linux & Windows based environment. There are central as well as departmental IT facilities with over 120 nodes. The university also provides subsidised laptops to all MBA students.

There is a special Audio Video Room and a Live Wire Room (with live internet nodes specially designed for Stock Market Live training sessions).

Knowledge Centre

The Knowledge Centre of the University is a one-stop destination for all literary and educational needs of students. It houses the state-of-the-art Yogananda Library, which spans a breathtaking landscape and is a blend of modernity, tranquillity and green technology.

Its striking architecture is designed keeping in mind Green Building Technologies with 30 per cent green area and an open well in the centre for penetration of light resulting in 80 per cent energy saving in the day time. The library is digitalized for searching the books and journals through computer linked to the university’s network.  It has over 34,711 books (28,871 in main library + 5841 in study centre) and over 1,50,000 e books and makes available over 108 journals and over 9,000 on line international and national journals; an online library and a reference room with broadband connectivity and workstations.

A kiosk equipped with a computer has been installed for the benefit of students who shall be able to access the library catalogue, check availability, issue and return books.

Auditoriums/Seminar Complex

At Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences, learning is not limited to class rooms and laboratories. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Seminar Complex, has two state- of-art auditoriums and three seminar rooms, with a total capacity over 500. In addition, the Ratan Tata Hall (250 seats), Peter Drucker Hall (260 seats), Open Air Theater (500 capacity). The university Cineplex with a seating capacity of 150 also offers high quality audio and visual experience to its audience.


With the start of a new academic session, the University holds orientation programmes for new students in all undergraduate and post graduate programmes. The focus of each orientation is to acquaint them with multifarious activities at the University, important rules and regulations, requirements for university examinations and future prospects of the courses they have joined.

Face to face introduction of new students is held in front of the faculty and old students. The orientation session is designed in a manner that the students get to know their faculty and batch mates they are going to spend the next couple of years with. It is our way of breaking the ice and helping to build good rapport.

Indoor Multipurpose Sports Complex

A large indoor multipurpose sports complex provides room for indoor practice and a competition venue for interuniversity Table Tennis and Badminton matches and a gymnasium. It also provides an excellent facility for major events such as the University’s annual convocation, seminars and workshops.


A 500 + seater amphitheatre provides an excellent place for the university’s community to come together. Students and faculty come together here for a variety of stage performances such as outdoor festival celebrations, cultural programmes, theatrical performances and musical concerts. The amphitheatre contributes to the creative and cultural development of students.


We understand the need for entertainment and enjoyment along with academics. Therefore, there are various cafes and eateries within Shoolini Campus that serve as a hotspot for social mingling and get togethers. The four eateries and cafes cater to gastronomical needs by offering a variety of sumptuous delicacies, besides serving regular food. The eateries offer an ideal environment for relaxation where students can contemplate on the day’s working, plan ahead or just spend some quite moments with friends while enjoying good food.

Go Green

Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences is a green campus, aptly signified by a Terraced Herbal Garden. This garden has a huge variety of Himalayan herbs. There is also a vermicomposting facility along with a set up for water harvesting. The students run a Green Brigade, which is actively involved in making Shoolini a symbol of green institution.

Healthcare & Meditation

Medical facilities are provided to students by way of regular residential visit by a doctor to the hostels and with an on-campus dispensary under the supervision of a senior doctor. A round-the-clock ambulance is available for the transportation of ailing students, especially the hostlers.

Besides, a Meditation centre provides an environment of serenity and mental relaxation and forms an important part of the institute's infrastructure.