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State-of-the-Art Technology

Shoolini University has a wi-fi campus along with a 2 mbps leased-line, radio-based 24 * 7 internet connectivity. The computer labs offer thin client technology with IBM servers that support both Linux & Windows based environment. There are central as well as departmental IT facilities with over 120 nodes. The University also provides laptop facilities for all MBA students.


IT Centre
The University IT centre encompasses one central lab with 100 computers (thin clients) for general surfing, two labs for faculty with 25 computers each, and two labs for engineering and technology students with 60 computers each. The labs are supported with two IBM servers with Xenon processor, windows 2008 server, office 2007 and Nebero firewall.

Excellent Campus
Situated in the Simla Hills, Shoolini University has a modern campus surrounded by pine trees. The fun filled and cordial atmosphere of the university can be witnessed in the classroom and extracurricular activities of all schools. The campus lies at Bajhol, which is 14 km from Solan, 54 km from Chandigarh and 18 km from Dharampur. The building here samples hill architecture of the state of Himachal Pradesh.
Shoolini University has 1.5 lac sq ft of built campus that has been spread over 100 bighas (20 acres).

Go Green
Shoolini University is a green campus, aptly signified by a Terraced Herbal Garden. This garden has a huge variety of Himalayan herbs. There is also a vermi composting facility along with a set up for water harvesting.

Library/Museum & Herbarium/Labs
The Central Library of the university has over ten thousand books. It makes available 50 Indian and international journals; an online library with 12 nodes; and a reference room with broadband connectivity & workstations.
The university houses a Museum & Herbarium that has more than 500 varieties of herbs and samples. There are 20 Research & Teaching Labs for life sciences and technology.

Other facilities:

DNA finger printing facility
Tissue Culture & green house facility
Language Lab 

Collaborations and MOU's

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